FHBC 2022-23 Membership Page – Registration System Step-by-Step Guide

Access Link – coming soon

Click on “Don’t have an account? Create one Here”.

Provide an email address and create a password

Page 1

Once you are logged in, on your acount Dashboard, select the option to register as a Participant on the right side of the screen.

Page 2

STEP 1 – Choose the current season

STEP 2 – Create a Family Member or select an existing one – Under your account, you can manage different family members. This is specially designed for parents/guardians that must register a child they are responsible for or need to manage more than one membership in their family.

Can the same email address be used for more than one account?
No. Onca an email address is used to create an Account, you cannot use it for a different one.

What about my FHBC/FHC Number?
Once you have finished creating a Family Member, the system will check if that person had already been registered with FHBC and recover the FHBC#. If it is a new member or if te system cannot find that member in the old database, it will assingn a new Membership Number that starts with “3”.

STEP 3 – Choose your Membership Category under “Division”. Check the mandatory box – it will display as $0.00, please ignore this value

Click Continue.

Page 3

Agree to the FHC Code of Conduct and sign it.

Page 4

Select your Club and the Leagues you will be participating in.

Page 5

Review your membership information. Your FHC/FHBC membership fees will be displayed in the box at the bottom of the page; ignore the “Pricing Details” box.

Pay by credit card to complete your registration.

After you complete your registration, you will receive a confirmation email.