Schools Programs

FHBC Academy Program (Secondary)

This is a partnership between FHBC and NVSD that will deliver to the needs of the student athletes. Training takes place at Rutledge (Ambleside Park) in West Vancouver or Sutherland School in North Vancouver.  All participating athletes will receive PE credit for their involvement with the Academy. More information provided below.

Please access the NVSD Field Hockey Academy webpage to read all necessary information or contact Katie Jameson, FHBC Sport Development & Athlete Program Manager, via

What is the FHBC Field Hockey Academy?

FHBC has formed partnerships with North Vancouver School District (NVSD) to provide the opportunity for student athletes to further their athletic potential in the Field Hockey Academy. FHBC appoints expert and fully qualified coaches to lead the Academy programs.

Some Essential Information

The Academy is open to grade 8-12 students, male and female. Applications accepted from cross boundaries, with NVSD pupils given a priority and a lottery system (administered by NVSD) applied to the wait list.

Students continue to play school field hockey for their current school and do not transfer to the academy host school for the High School season.

The Academy will operate from about 12:30-3pm every alternate day on a 2-week rota  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday in week 2 and Tuesday, Thursday in week 1).

Training groups will be split in various ways depending on session structure: ability / stage of development, school grade/age or district.

Sutherland Secondary will be the host school with indoor, fitness and education related elements on site but the majority of field sessions held at Rutledge field.

Please see the district websites for annual fees.

The coach to athlete ratio is based on 1:8 or a maximum of 10 students.  Sessions are supported by a teacher (who attends all sessions and reports on progress as per a normal PE class). All students stay at their own school for all other curricular subjects but go to location specified (field or Sutherland) for Academy sessions. Transportation is the responsibility of each athlete/family.

Students receive academic credit for their involvement in the Academy. Curriculum will focus on long term player development through a holistic approach. This curriculum meets BC Educational standards and will be ratified by NVSD prior to implementation.

NVSD is in charge of and leads on administration, registration, payment and the selection lottery for accepting wait-listed applications.

Field Hockey BC Elementary and Middle Schools Program

Field Hockey BC is pleased to announce the continuation of its program aimed at introducing the sport of field hockey, the second largest team sport in the world, to elementary and middle school children.  This opportunity has become possible once again thanks to funding from the Hamber Foundation and the Province of British Columbia.

What is the Schools Program?

• This structured 6 week program will introduce children to basic field hockey skills and will promote the importance and excitement of playing as part of a team. The program is targeted at children in Grades 4, 5 & 6.
• The Program extols the virtues of health and exercise in a fun, safe and controlled environment. It also introduces children to a new and growing sport in BC.
• The culmination of the Program is a half-day Field Hockey Festival in week six that can take place at the school or at a local facility (as appropriate). This event will feature all the students involved in the program playing small games against each other.

What is Provided?

• Expertise (certified coaches many of whom are current National players).
• Equipment: balls and sticks
• Each school will also receive a Coaching manual outlining structured lesson plans for an 8-week program that they can keep for further reference.

What does the school need to provide?

• Schools need to provide the students, a venue (school gym or field subject to weather) and a slot on your weekly timetable.
• Mouth guards – each student is required to have a mouth guard – FHBC provides mouth guards for the price of $4 per mouth guard.
• Transportation to the Field Hockey Festival (as appropriate).

In addition, every participant in the Schools Program will receive:

• A certificate upon completion of the program to be presented at an assembly

When does the Program take place:

Traditionally the program is incorporated into school timetables for a six week period between October to June.

For further details on our schools programs, please contact