2024 FHBC Provincial Program Pathway

Field Hockey BC is excited to announce key dates and information about the 2024 FHBC Provincial Program Pathway. FHBC will hold a series of athlete evaluations throughout the Province to select Team BC Provincial teams (Tier 1) and if viable, Regional-representative teams (Tier 2) to compete at the 2024 FHC National Championships in Surrey & Calgary this Summer.  

Note that due to size of player pool, the Female and Male pathway differ slightly. Please pay close attention to the details that best suit you or your athlete. 

Female Provincial Athlete Talent ID, Evaluation, and Selection 

Stage 1 Female Evaluation 

The Stage 1 athlete evaluations are the beginning of the selection process for athletes interested in being selected to a Provincial or Regional team. 

Athlete Nomination window: January 11th – 31st

Athletes interested in attending the Athlete Evaluations this Spring, MUST be nominated by a coach*.

Any level of field hockey coach may submit a FHBC Athlete Nomination Form, including but not limited to a Club coach, FHBC program coach, National coach, Academy coach, High School coach or out-of-province Coach. A reminder that this nomination process is for aspiring high performance athletes.

*Note: NextGen athletes and CSI Provincial Targeted Athletes are exempt from the Stage 1 evaluation. Targeted Athletes have been notified of their status for the 2024 season.

Coaches can access the online FHBC Athlete Nomination Form here: https://forms.office.com/r/rp94Ze1PLa

Deadline for nominations:

  • Female athletes: January 31, 2024


Stage 1 Athlete Registration window: February 1st – 15th
Athletes that are nominated to the program will be invited to register via email. 


Stage 1 Female Evaluation Dates 

The Stage 1 evaluations will be held in regional hubs to reduce travel costs: 

  • Island 
    • March 7th & 8th @ UVic
  • Mainland
    • March 16th & 17th @ UBC
  • Interior 
    • April 14th @ Mission Recreation Park (Kelowna)

Exact dates, times and locations will be released before athletes are invited to register. 

Selected athletes from the Stage 1 evaluations will be invited to attend the Stage 2 evaluation. Other athletes may be considered for selection to a Regional (Tier 2) team, should Regional-representative teams be deemed viable. 

Fitness Testing 

To increase the amount of time athletes have on-field to demonstrate their field hockey skills and abilities, fitness testing will be completed the week prior to the Stage 1 Evaluations. An opportunity will be given in multiple regions on the Island and in the Lower Mainland. Exact dates and locations will be released in February.  

Stage 2 Female Evaluation 

The Stage 2 evaluation is for previously identified athletes (NextGen or CSI Targeted athletes) and those athletes that advance from the Stage 1 evaluations. 

U16 & U18 Female Stage 2 Provincial Program Evaluations: May 18th – 20th @ Tamanawis

Athletes that are invited to the Stage 2 evaluation will also be invited to the optional 4-week Principles of Play training program in April. This training program is designed to better prepare athletes tactically for the competition element of the Stage 2 evaluation, thus improving the experience of the athletes and the overall quality of the event.  

More information about registration for Stage 2 and the Principles of Play training program will be released in March. 

Please note that the number of Provincial teams selected will depend on the competitive depth of the athlete pool at Stage 2. FHBC will select as many teams as they feel can be competitive in Tier 1 of National Championships.  

Regional (Tier 2) Teams 

FHBC will consider Regional-representative (Tier 2) teams, pending viability and interest from the eligible pool of athletes. Should a Regional Representative Team be considered viable by FHBC, selection for a Regional (Tier 2) Team may include both Stage 1 athletes that were not invited to Stage 2, as well as Stage 2 athletes that were not selected to a Provincial (Tier 1) team.  

If you have any questions about the representative and/or stage of development difference between a Team BC Provincial (Tier 1) team and a Regional-representative (Tier 2) team, please contact a member of staff. 

Male Provincial Athlete Talent ID, Evaluation, and Selection 

Due to the estimated number of male U16 & U18/U21 athletes, there will only be a single, centralized athlete evaluation event per age group. 

U16 & U18/U21 Male Provincial Program Evaluations: May 18th – 20th @ Tamanawis

U16 and U18/U21 male athletes that are interested in being selected to a Provincial Team will need to be nominated for the evaluation event by a club, PSO, NSO, high school and/or private academy coach.  

U18 Male Athlete Nomination window: January 11th – March 15th

U21 Male Athlete Nomination window: April 24th – May 8th

Coaches can access the online FHBC Athlete Nomination Form here: https://forms.office.com/r/rp94Ze1PLa

Note: NextGen athletes and CSI Provincial Targeted Athletes will receive a direct invitation to the evaluation and do not need to be nominated. Targeted Athletes for 2024 will be notified of their status via email by the end of December 2023. 

Deadline for nominations:

  • U18 Male athletes: March 15, 2024
  • U21 Male athletes: May 8, 2024

U18 Male Athlete Registration window: March 22nd – April 5th
U21 Male Athlete Registration window: April 24th – May 3rd

U21 Male Athletes: Link to the registration form  click here

  • Note: Athletes that have been selected to represent Canada at the 2024 Junior Pan American Championship (JPAC) will not be eligible for Provincial Program selection this year (this is a recommendation from Field Hockey Canada, supported by FHBC).

Provincial & Regional Team Training (Female & Male) 

Provincial team training will begin after June 21st. Regional Tier 2 team training on the Island and in the Interior may start earlier (end of May/early June).  

As a reminder, Provincial programming is prohibited for FHBC during the Greater Vancouver Junior Field Hockey League Season as mandated in 2020 by Lower Mainland community clubs. These same restrictions do not apply to the Island or Interior, therefore training may begin earlier in those regions. 

For more information, please reference the Final Report from the 2020 Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project. 

Provincial Team Training Attendance Policy 

Please note that 100% attendance will be expected of all Provincial Team athletes. The Provincial Program training window is condensed, and teams need every scheduled session to properly prepare for National Championships.  

The only exemptions to the 100% Attendance Policy are: injury/illness, family emergency or bereavement, academic (school trip, exam, or graduation only), or other high performance sport conflict. Any other exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis. When an athlete is unable to attend training due to an excused absence, the reason will be noted. If an athlete is absent and does not provide a reason, the athlete will be noted as having an unexcused absence. FHBC reserves the right to determine program eligibility and an athlete’s removal from a team based on an athlete’s attendance record. 

All athletes will be asked to declare availability for the Provincial Program prior to the final evaluation and team selection weekend in May.  

2024 FHC National Championships 

U18 Female & U21 Male National Championships
July 23rd – 28th 
Tamanawis Fields, Surrey
Female athletes born in 2006 & 2007, male athletes born 2003-2007 

U16 Female & Male National Championships
August 7th – 11th  
Hawkings Field, Calgary
Athletes born in 2008, 2009 & 2010 

As families begin to plan their Winter, Spring & Summer vacations, we thought it prudent to provide an estimate of the levy for the 2024 Provincial Program: 

  • U18/U21 Athletes: $1000 – $1400 
  • This figure does not include any travel or team accommodation for National Championships
  • U16 Athletes: $2200 – $2700 
  • This figure does include travel and accommodation for National Championships in Calgary. However, it does not include food for athletes, as that will vary team by team. 

Note: U16 athletes will travel to Calgary for National Championships as a team and stay in team accommodation for the full duration of the Championships. U18 athletes will not stay in team accommodation, unless otherwise determined on a team-by-team basis. 

These estimated levies do not include costs associated with the Stage 1 or Stage 2 Evaluation Pathway but FHBC will look to keep these costs to a minimum wherever feasible  

Frequently Asked Questions


All nominated athletes will receive an email to the address provided by their nominating coach. All invitations will be sent by the beginning of the registration window. Please be sure to check Junk and SPAM folders. 

Players can be nominated multiple times, but only need to be nominated once. Multiple nominations will not increase a players evaluation score. 

Athletes will need to be nominated by a club, PSO, NSO, high school and/or private academy coach. We kindly ask that parent coaches do not nominate their own child. 

Yes, all evaluations have an associated cost. FHBC will look to keep costs to a minimum wherever feasible. Cost for evaluations will be communicated when athletes are invited to register. 

Stage 1 Female Evaluations will be a combination of skills based and dynamic drills, as well as small and big game play.  
Stage 2 Female Evaluations and Male Evaluations will be a tournament-format where athletes will be drafted into teams and play a series of games over the evaluation weekend.  

In the event of an excused absence from an evaluation, an athlete’s previous GMP score will be considered, either from a recent FHBC or FHC program or event. 
An athlete that is unable to attend their Stage 1 evaluation and does not have a recent GMP score, or would like to improve their past GMP score (from a previous year), then they are encouraged to attend an evaluation event in a different region. 
Please see FHBC’s Athlete Selection Policy for more information. 

Athletes are evaluated and selected using the Gold Medal Profile (GMP), which includes several metrics to assess an athlete’s overall performance. 
Please see FHBC’s Athlete Selection Policy for more information.

All Targeted Athletes will receive a notification directly from Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) by the end of December 2023. Targeted athletes typically include NextGen athletes, as well as athletes that competed on a Provincial Team in the Summer. If an athlete fits into this category but has not received a notification from CSI by January 2024, they are encouraged to reach out to katie@fieldhockeybritishcolumbia.com  

Provincial Team Program & National Championships

Provincial Team Training will begin after June 21st and will run up until a team’s respective National Championship. To accommodate both athletes that need to travel long distances to training, and coach work schedules, practices will be scheduled on weekends. An attempt will be made to schedule training in different locations to be fair to all members of the team, however FHBC has to work with the fields and times that are available to them. Depending on team composition and coach availability, training may also be scheduled on the Island. 

For U16 athletes competing in Calgary, all travel and accommodation will be coordinated by the FHBC office. Associated costs will be included in the program levy. 
For U18 athletes competing in Surrey, since it is a local event, the default will be for athlete travel and accommodation will be taken care of by each athlete. For any athlete that will be travelling from the Island or Interior, billeting will be encouraged and organized by Team Managers. Note that teams may be given the option to stay in team accommodation close to the venue, but this will be decided on a team-by-team basis. 

For U16 athletes competing in Calgary, teams will travel and stay in accommodation together. They will be chaperoned by team and FHBC staff. Parents do not need to accompany their athlete(s). 

Team Managers will be confirmed in early June, once Provincial Team selections are confirmed. Any individual interested in being a Team Manager is welcome to contact katie@fieldhockeybritishcolumbia.com to express their interest. Please note that Team Manager interest will not have any bearing on athlete selection.