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We continues to liaise and collaborate with community clubs and regions across BC on the relative demand for the FHBC Technical Development Program. The guiding principle remains that this program is intended for delivery across all regions with planning for implementation being initiated according to community demand. The FHBC Technical Development Program is designed to support technical skills acquisition and progression for field hockey athletes of all standards. Sessions will continue to be delivered in different regions of the province throughout the season.

If there are no programs being currently offered in your area, we would encourage you to reach out to your local club to ascertain whether there are similar opportunities available through the club or whether your club would be willing and able to advocate for the Technical Development Program to be considered for your local community. The alternative is to get in touch with FHBC directly to see what opportunities there may be for such programming in your community and whether planning for such is already underway.

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Field Hockey BC (FHBC) is excited to announce the launch of a new regional Technical Development training program for 2020-2021. Following the recent review of the BC athlete pathway, it became evident that BC club community stakeholders are keen for FHBC to continue to support athlete development in the provision of a technical training program targeted, but not limited to, those who may not have access to such technical training through the club community network. In response, FHBC will be launching the new FHBC Technical Development program according to identified geographical need and in a phased approach over the course of the current 2020-21 season.

Phase One

In the first phase FHBC is targeting those regions of the province that expressed a direct need for such program support. As such, FHBC is delighted to announce that the new Technical Development Program will be offered on Vancouver Island from mid-November 2020 through March 2021 (with the potential for summer season delivery), and in the Interior from mid-January 2021 through April 2021 (also with the potential for summer season delivery).

Phase Two

In alignment with the BC athlete pathway review recommendations, FHBC is launching a club outreach initiative targeted at community clubs across the lower mainland designed to complete a lower mainland regional Technical Development program needs assessment.

Following such an assessment, a phase two program plan will be developed intent on launching the Technical Development program across the lower mainland in geographically appropriate regional locations. It is expected that such a club community needs assessment will be complete by the calendar year-end allowing for program planning and initiation in the new year.

For more information regarding the BC athlete pathway review recommendations, please refer to the following link.

Technical Development Program Summary

Program Structure

Designed with flexibility of access at the core, the new Technical Development program will be offered in small program windows of four to six weeks. A coach to athlete ratio of 1:8 is to be expected with one (or two) full training sessions scheduled per week. The program may be adapted during the summer months or other times to allow for camp style delivery.

Program Design

Designed to center on technical skill progression, each program offering will focus on developmentally appropriate core technical field hockey skills and include supporting education in aspects of sport science. Sessions will be adapted to meet the needs of the athlete pool with the expectation that each program’s first session will act as an opportunity for the head coach to determine athlete need and adapt program practice plans accordingly. Programs will not only focus on the development of field player technical skills, but also offer the opportunity for goalkeepers to participate in an integrated program format or goalkeeper specific program.

Program Curricula and LTFHD Alignment

The core curricula will focus on technical skill progression, but also include aspects of sport science and specialist training. The curricula will follow the Long-Term Field Hockey Development (LTFHD) skills matrix with technical skill progression aligned to stage of development and athlete ability.

Responsible Return to Play

Until further notice, the Technical Development program will be delivered according to the Stage One Responsible Return to Play Framework. The Stage One Responsible Return to Play Framework includes a full physical distancing protocol for athletes, coaches, and safety officers.

For more information regarding the Stage One Responsible Return to Play Framework, please refer to the following link.