External Sport Credit

The External Sport Credentials Program gives students the opportunity to earn graduation credits for approved levels of competition as an athlete, coach and/or official.

Students can obtain External Sport Credits in these categories:

  • Athlete (Grade 10, 11, 12)
  • Official (Grade 10, 11, 12)
  • Coach (Grade 11, 12)

The BC Ministry of Education is responsible for the External Credentials Program and the Sport Credits portion of this program is administered and monitored by the Sport and Recreation Branch of the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport.


  • Students who have participated in approved programs before reaching Grade 10 can receive credit by obtaining written documentation to verify their participation in such programs.
  • Once a student has received credit for a particular level within the category (athlete, official or coach), the student cannot receive credits again for participating in that program again

Athlete 11 (4 credits)
Granted to athletes who were selected to a T2T Provincial Team and competed at an inter-provincial championship event.

  • Also eligible: Athletes who receive funding through the BC Athlete Assistance Program

Athlete 12 (4 credits)
Granted to athletes who were selected to a T2C Provincial Team and competed at a national championship event.

  • Also eligible: Athletes who are a member of a Junior or Senior National Program that competes at an international event, or receives funding through Sport Canada’s Athlete Assistance Program.

How do I obtain athlete credits?

Field Hockey BC provides a letter of confirmation to those involved in the Regional and Provincial programs. The letter is typically issued in September or early fall.

Once received, athletes should present the letter to a high school counselor to add the credits to transcripts.  (The BC Government provides documentation for athletes who have competed in the Canada Summer Games or Western Canada Summer Games.  Participation in the BC Summer Games for field hockey does not qualify for External Sport Credits because the training phase does not meet program requirements).

Official 10 (2 credits)

  • Provincial B certified umpire
  • minimum 20 hours of officiating

Official 11 (4 credits)

  • Provincial A certified umpire
  • minimum 50 hours of officiating

How do I obtain Official credits?

Field Hockey BC will provide a letter of confirmation to present to your school counselor.  You are responsible for providing documentation to FHBC which provides the number of hours you officiated (e.g. a letter from the league you officiate in, stating the number of games you umpired).

Coach 11 (2 credits)

  • NCCP Community Sport Initiation
  • NCCP Making Ethical Decisions – “Evaluated”
  • Minimum 30 hours coaching experience monitored and reviewed by an Introduction to Competition “trained” coach or NCCP Level 2 “certified” coach

Coach 12 (4 credits)

  • currently under review

How do I obtain Coach credits?

Student coaches who have completed all requirements of a coach category must send their proof of completion to the Sport and Recreation Branch:

Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport
Sport Branch
Attn: Milena Gaiga
PO Box 9820 Stn Provincial Government
Victoria, BC, V8W 9W3

The Sport and Recreation Branch representative review submitted documentation for the particular coach level and issue a verification letter if the student has fulfilled all the requirements.  (For more information on obtaining external coach credits please contact Milena Gaiga at milena.gaiga@gov.bc.ca or 250-356-5183).

For more information on the External Sport Credentials program, download the Ministry of Education’s PDF “Course Information for Graduation” and scroll down to page 103: