Athlete Clothing

Each year, registered Field Hockey BC High Performance athletes receive a variety of customized clothing items from our apparel partners, Kukri. These items include tournament uniforms, training pinnies, socks, and other items such as hooded sweatshirts, shorts, and shirts. Items may vary from season to season.

Are you currently involved in a Field Hockey BC High Performance Program? This is where you can find up-to-date information on what, when and how to get your Field Hockey BC clothing!

Provincial Program

Provincial athletes receive two full Team BC uniforms, and select training items as part of their athlete levy.

Current information on Provincial Program clothing can be found in the links below, when available.

Regional Program

Mandatory Clothing Items

Every year, Regional athletes are required to have certain items for the training environment (i.e. training pinnie). Some items are included in the levy, and others are paid for separately.  We will let you know what you need, and how and when to order your Kukri gear.

Optional Clothing Items

Kukri and FHBC also have an online shop available for registered athletes to purchase FHBC clothing. Items on the online store are optional and are not covered by athlete fees.

Regional Tournament Clothing

FHBC supplies professional Kukri uniforms for Regional Tournament teams. Tournament uniforms are rental items and athletes are responsible for keeping and returning them in good condition.

All current information on Regional Program clothing can be found in the links below.

2018-19 Train 2 Train Girls
2018-19 Train 2 Train Boys
2018-19 Train 2 Compete Girls
2018-19 Train 2 Compete Boys