Athlete Programs

The FHBC High Performance program is nationally renowned and arguably the most progressive program in Canada. We have a rich tradition of excellence, sending our players to compete for Canada’s National Teams. Currently 70% of the women’s and men’s national team athletes were developed in British Columbia.

The general aim of our High Performance Program is to provide high calibre performance training and competition opportunities to athletes with provincial and national level aspirations. We are committed to implementing a quality-training environment, which fosters excellence, growth, education and support for all participants.

Athlete Programs - Women

Athlete Programs - Men

FHBC’s High Performance Program Core Initiatives

  • Athlete Talent Identification
  • Performance Training
  • Competition
  • Athlete Services
  • National Team Integration and Cooperation
  • Long Term Athlete Development Integration

Athlete Identification

  • Summer tournaments (National Championships, Invitational)
  • Highschool championships
  • FHBC’s High Performance Development Program

Athlete Support Services
Recently, FHBC has integrated Sport Science Curricula into their High Performance Program. For more information, please see Athlete Resources. The FHBC Athlete Program Team works with two governing committees who make decisions regarding programming, policy and competition:

  • Women’s High Performance Committee
  • Men’s High Performance Committee

The Athlete Program Team works closely with the Provincial Coach to integrate Long-Term Athlete Development principles into tactics, skills training, and periodized programs for athletes at all ages. The High Performance Team also ensures the best possible coaches are placed with the appropriate athlete ages and developmental levels. For more information on this, please contact Patricia Wright-Alexis, FHBC Head Provincial Coach and Performance Manager, at or 778.955.3047.

The Athlete Program Manager is responsible for the consideration of athlete eligibility, selection processes and policies, and elite identification. If you have any questions regarding athlete pathways, trials and selection protocols, or programs, please contact Katie Jameson at or 778.227.0895.

High Performance Guiding Principles

  • Innovative
  • Professional
  • Quality
  • Opportunity
  • Strong technical foundation
  • Performance services
  • High performance touring opportunities for targeted age groups
  • Coach development and certification
  • Sound technical coaches with our youngest stage (Learn To Train – U13)
  • Prioritized coaching and resources at the U13 and U15 levels
  • Performance skills to our best coaches