Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, this page is dedicated to providing online resources to keep athletes and community members engaged in field hockey away from the pitch. The resources are broken into 4 categories: individual skills, footwork and agility, fitness and education.

In the links below, you will find full online professional, National and Provincial field hockey matches, technical skills and fitness videos that can be practiced at home or in your backyard. The purpose of this page is to give our athletes of varying skill levels some ideas to keep up with field hockey safely and in compliance with government regulations around social distancing.

Education – Online Courses, Hockey Matches & More

FHBC Webinars
International Matches
2019 National Championships BC Teams

FHBC Skills & Drills

Individual Skills

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Channels and Programs
More videos

Footwork and Agility


Got some feedback and suggestions of online resources? We would love to hear from you! Community contributions are welcome and encouraged – please complete our survey.

You can also send your favourite field hockey workouts and at-home drills to info@fieldhockeybc.com.