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Online Community Umpire Courses – Summer 2021

The Online Community Courses is open to FHBC Members FREE OF CHARGE please contact to obtain the code. It will consist of a series of lessons and practice questions designed to prepare you for the final quiz. You will need a grade of 75% or higher in order to pass the course. Registrants will have until October 31, 2021 to complete the course, at which time the current session will expire. Participants who fail to complete the course by the deadline will need to re-register in the following session. Course registration for this session closes on October 24, 2021.

This course is available to those interested in taking the first steps towards being a rated umpire, umpires that desire a refresher, and umpires with expired certifications.  Candidates should be at least 13 years old. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Field Hockey BC office at 604-737-3146 or

The cost of the course for Non-FHBC Members is $25. REGISTER HERE!

Provincial Umpire Courses

Provincial Courses are $60 for FHBC members and $85 for non-members. Courses are two sessions of 3 hours, including theory and exam. Participants are required to attend both sessions to be eligible to write the exam. Candidates must be a minimum of 13 years by the end of the calendar year to register.


Regional Umpire Courses

Regional Courses are $80 for FHBC members. Courses are open to umpires who have a CURRENT Provincial Umpire rating, and are interested in the first steps towards fulfilling the Regional certification requirements. Regional Courses are two sessions of 3 hours, and participants are required to attend both sessions to be eligible to write the exam. Contact the Field Hockey BC office at 604-737-3146, or email with any questions.


Umpire Assessors Courses

Umpire Assessor courses are $55 for FHBC Members. Courses consist of a 2-hour in class theory portion, followed by a 2 hour practical on-field portion. This course type is only open to umpires with a MINIMUM PROVINCIAL RATING and 4+ YEARS OF ACTIVE UMPIRING. Candidates should be interested in fulfilling the requirements to mentor and assess umpires completing the FHC umpire pathway. Should you have any questions please contact FHBC at 604-737-3146 or