Umpire Assessors

Assessors have experience and knowledge of the game and are able to mentor aspiring umpires.

Qualifying as an Assessor

Those wishing to pursue an Assessor role must hold a minimum Provincial rating, and have been an active umpire to 4+ years. Assessor candidates must attend an Umpire Assessor’s course and take part in the practical portion of the course in addition to the in-class theory.
Umpire Assessor ratings expire four (4) years following a successful completion of the Assessors course.

To register for an upcoming Assessors course, view opportunities here.

Note: qualified umpires at the Regional or Canadian level may be active or retired.

Assessing Umpire Candidates

Assessors participating in the rating of umpire candidates must follow the requirements and procedures as laid out by Field Hockey Canada:

Qualified Assessors may rate at the following levels:

  • Canadian – Assess at all levels (Regional, Provincial, and Community)
  • Regional – Assess Provincial, Community
  • Provincial – Assess Community

Assessors are paid by the Club/Team responsible for the payment of the match they are assessing (or the individual being assessed), and are paid at the rate of the umpire level for which they are assessing:

Field Hockey Canada Lead Assessors

Name Region Level FIH Status
Gillian Batey INTERIOR FHC Lead Assessor Retired – Umpire
Tyler Klenk MAINLAND FHC Lead Assessor Active – Umpire
Megan Robertson MAINLAND FHC Lead Assessor Active – Umpire
Lelia Sacre MAINLAND FHC Lead Assessor Active – Umpire
Sumesh Putra MAINLAND FHC Lead Assessor Retired – UM
Alan Waterman MAINLAND FHC Lead Assessor Active – UM
Chris Wilson ISLAND FHC Lead Assessor Retired – UM

Current Assessors

Name Region Level Expiration
Paula Childs MAINLAND Regional 2027
Denise Hall ISLAND Community 2026
Harpreet Jhamat MAINLAND Community 2027
Alanna Martin ISLAND Provincial 2026
Denise McGeachy ISLAND Regional 2026
John Nolan MAINLAND Provincial 2027
Cindy Sacre MAINLAND Provincial 2027
Narinder Sangha MAINLAND Provincial 2027
Alison Sweeten ISLAND Regional 2026
Harbhajan Walia MAINLAND Community 2027
Allegra Whistler MAINLAND Community 2027

Recertification In Progress

Name Region Level Expiration
Margaux Brand MAINLAND Provincial 2020
Julie Brereton MAINLAND Provincial 2020
Gavin Caldecott MAINLAND Canadian 2020
Pat Dunn MAINLAND Provincial 2019
Erin de Sousa MAINLAND Canadian 2021
Robin Goodman MAINLAND Community 2019
Charlotte Hadwen INTERIOR Regional 2020
Mercedes Hamilton MAINLAND Community 2021
Madge Johnson MAINLAND Canadian 2020
Al McBeth MAINLAND Regional 2020
Meghan McLennan MAINLAND Canadian 2019
Deb Moynahan MAINLAND Provincial 2019
Patrick Oswald MAINLAND Community 2021
Tim Pilkington MAINLAND Provincial 2021
Peter Sauve MAINLAND Community 2020
Jasbir Tatla MAINLAND Provincial 2021
Cedric Vaz MAINLAND Regional 2021

For Assessor contact information please contact Katie Jameson or call 778-227-0895.