Field Hockey Umpiring

Umpiring is a great way to take part in hockey, develop a better understanding of the game, and to ensure fair play on the pitch. FHBC provides opportunities for umpires to participate in courses, be assessed on the field, receive coaching, and pursue their umpiring goals!

Becoming an Umpire

There are 4 levels of umpiring certification in BC, each providing a different level of opportunity. For each different level, there is a theory and a practical component required to obtain a rating.

Community (entry level): attend a Community course (minimum passing grade of 75% on exam) + 1 Community field assessment
Provincial (entry level): attend a Provincial course (minimum passing grade of 75% on exam) + 2 Provincial field assessments
Regional: attend a Regional course (minimum passing grade 80% on exam) + 2 Regional field assessments *prerequisite: current Provincial rating
Canadian: pass oral presentations, and give a presentation at a lower level local umpiring course, + 2 Canadian field assessments *current Regional rating for a minimum of 1 year

For courses requiring two field assessments, these must be done by two different Assessors.

Umpire Assessors

Umpire Assessors are qualified to rate at the levels below their own Umpire rating. They are responsible for the growth of new umpires by providing feedback and mentoring through field assessments. Those interested in becoming Umpire Assessors can find out more.

Expiry/Renewal of Certification

Certifications are valid for 4 years (expiring on Dec. 31).  Renew the certification level before it has expired by having a Rules Update and undergoing the required number of Field Assessments (1 for Community, 2 for Provincial, Regional, and Canadian).  This will extend your certification for another four years. After certification has expired, umpires who are still active may be able to re-enter the new system at the equivalent level to their last certification, provided they fulfill all the requirements of that level. Otherwise they will be expected to restart the process from the beginning.