Under 18 National Championships – July 29-August 3, 2022
Under 16 National Championships – August 10-August 14, 2022

2022 Playing Schedules:

2022 FHC U18 Nationals Playing Schedule
2022 FHC U16 Nationals Playing Schedule

Meet the Athletes:

U16 BC Blue (Girls)
U16 BC White (Girls)
U16 BC Yellow (Girls)
U16 BC Boys
U18 BC Blue (Women)
U18 BC White (Women)
U18 BC Island (Women)
U18 BC Mainland (Women)
U18 BC Boys

Final Standings: https://fhc.altiusrt.com/

Past National Championship tournament locations:

      • 2019: Surrey, BC (U23, U18) and Calgary, AB (U15)
      • 2018: Toronto, ON (All Age Divisions)
      • 2017: Surrey, BC (All Age Divisions)
      • 2016: Calgary, AB (U15) and Brampton, ON (U18)
      • 2015: Brampton, ON (U15) and Surrey, BC (U18)