Club Championship and Festival Program

2022 Club Championship Program planning is ongoing with the expectation for the return of this program at U18, U16, U14, and U12 age groups over a four-week window May 27-June 19, 2022. Please find more information regarding team entry due process below. The team registration process will begin at the end of April 2022 and forms two parts!

Field Hockey BC, in partnership with host clubs, delivers Championship events for U18, U16, and U14 players, and Festival events for U12 boys and girls. These events take place across British Columbia towards the end of each season. Click on the links below for more information on each event:

2022 U12 Festival

2022 U14 Club Championships

2022 U16 Club Championships

2022 U18 Club Championships

Live Score & Results: click here

Entry and Registration

The Team Registration process will form TWO PARTS as it has done historically.

The PART ONE window of the Team Registration process will open on Wednesday, April 20th, 2022. 

Each single club administrator or club contact will have the opportunity to nominate one (1) team per club, per club championship event for early registration. This early registration window will close on Wednesday April 27th, 2022. Please, coordinate within your club to ensure that only one early submission is being made per club, per championship event.

PART ONE consists of a team declaration window that enables club administrators to declare in advance the intent of entering a single team per club championship or festival event. The intent of this early ‘team declaration’ is to provide the opportunity for all clubs to enter at least one team into the Championship program. In the past some clubs have not been able to get a single team into an event due to the registration process only having a first-come-first-serve team registration window.

To return an early ‘team declaration’, please have a club designate reach out to request the registration form via or via phone at 604-737-3146.

The PART TWO window will be a ‘first-come-first-serve’ ONLINE team registration window which will open at NOON on Monday May 2nd, 2022, and will close on Thursday May 5th, at NOON.

Note that spots are limited!

If the event you wish to apply for is “sold out”, and you would like to be put on the “Team Waiting List”, please send an email titled “Club Championships Waiting List” to and include your team and club name, division, gender and tier.


Please note that, by May 5th, ALL teams need to submit player rosters, as well as named umpires and technical official volunteers who can be scheduled for the event the team is entering. Travelling teams (those teams travelling outside of their region – Island teams travelling to the Mainland/Travelling Interior Teams/and Mainland Teams travelling to the Island), will be given an exemption from the naming of umpires.

More information regarding the role of the Technical Official Volunteer will be disseminated prior to the online team registration.

More information regarding event technical meetings for participating Team Managers will be disseminated following the online team registration deadline. 

In summary and dates for the diary:  

  • April 20-27: an early registration window for clubs to manually nominate one team per event
  • May 2-5: online ‘first-come-first-serve’ team registration

Registration fees per team for each of the Club Championship Events are as follows:

U18 Boys $475
U16 Boys $425
U14 Boys $425
U12 Boys $150

U18 Girls $475
U16 Girls $425
U14 Girls $425
U12 Girls $150

Please, refer to the Stakeholder Memo disseminated last year for more information about the operational and strategic direction of the 2022 FHBC Club Championship and Festival Program.


The proposed schedule for the 2022 Club Championship Program (at February 28, 2022) is as follows:

Age Group Venue Host(s) Dates (2022)
Under 18 Girls Tier 1 Tamanawis Park India Club May 27 (Eve), 28, 29
Under 18 Girls Tier 2 Tamanawis Park India Club May 27 (Eve), 28, 29
Under 18 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC June 3 (Eve), 4, 5
Under 16 Girls Tier 1 UBC V Hawks + Sea-To-Sky June 17 (Eve), 18, 19
Under 16 Girls Tier 2 UBC V Hawks + Sea-to-Sky June 17 (Eve), 18, 19
Under 16 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC June 11, 12
Under 14 Girls Tier 1 Island – UVic VIJFHA + Cowichan June 10 (Eve), 11, 12
Under 14 Girls Tier 2 Island – UVic VIJFHA + Cowichan June 10 (Eve), 11, 12
Under 14 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC June 18, 19
Under 12 Festival Burnaby Lake BBY Bears + Falcons June 4, 5

For more information on Club Championship Hosting guidelines and to better understand the respective roles and responsibilities of FHBC and the Club Host(s) in support of this Program, please refer to the information below.

Stakeholder Memo:

In November 2021, FHBC circulated a 2022 Club Championship Stakeholder Memo to all Club Contacts which included a summary of the role and responsibility of the CCRWG and the principal elements for consideration within Club Championship Program execution:

Club Championship Hosting Guidelines

FHBC is responsible for the following support to the Club Championship and Festival Program:
  • Confirmation and Booking (where applicable) of artificial turf facilities
  • Allocation of Club Hosts
  • Coordination of advance Club reservations
  • Coordination of the Team Registration process
  • Coordination of a “Call to Officials”
  • Appointment, scheduling, and payment of medical personnel
  • Appointment and scheduling of technical officials
  • Appointment and scheduling of the umpires
  • Production of the event’s match schedule
  • Production of the event’s hosting manual
  • Logistical delivery of event equipment (tents, tables, chairs, medical, banners etc)
  • Payment of officials and umpires
  • Payment of facilities
  • Organization of medals (for Championship play) and gifts (for Festival play)
  • Provision of officials’ clothing (as required)
  • Production of event Informational Program
FHBC relies on the support of community clubs for each event. During the Club Championships and U12 Festivals, the hosting club(s) is responsible for:
  • Facility Set-Up and Take-Down Support
  • Technical Officiating Support (Match Management, Timing and Score Keeping)
  • Game Day Umpires Support and Coordination
  • Game Day Team Support and Coordination
  • Coordination of Presentations
  • Submission of Results (for FHBC Posting)
  • Submission of Expense Receipts to FHBC (as may be eligible)

Guideline – How to Host Club Championships 

For questions regarding this process, or Club Championships in general, please contact