Club Championship and Festival Program

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U12 Festival

U14 Club Championships

U16 Club Championships

U18 Club Championships

The Club Championship and Festival Program is a competitive opportunity, and its purpose is to raise the profile of the league season, especially for the older age groups. In partnership with the community clubs, Field Hockey BC (FHBC) hosts yearly tournaments for U14, U16 and U18 age groups, and a festival format event for U12 teams.

Aside from being a great experience for players, this program also aims to help develop Umpires and Technical Officials by requiring each team to nominate individuals for these roles. Umpires are required to have a minimal certification level for each event and can use Club Championships to get assessed as necessary. Technical Officials are volunteers that will assist the Technical Table with different degrees of responsibility depending on the event.

Please refer to the latest Club Championship Review (CCR) Working Group memo for more details about the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in this program.


Because spots in these tournaments are limited due to time and facility constraints, FHBC provides an early-registration window that gives clubs the opportunity register one team per Club Championship event. This opportunity is coordinated with club administrators prior to the opening of the Online Registration to the general community, which is a first-come-first-serve team registration process.

Online Registration Instructions – click here

2023 Club Championship and Festival Program

Following a review of the 2022 Club Championships & Festival seasonal program delivery, the Club Championship Review (CCR) Working Group has developed a Stakeholder Memo targeted at the expected delivery of the FHBC Club Championship and Festival Program in 2023.

You may download the memo here.

This information has also been circulated to all the clubs in British Columbia. Please, if you are interested in the Club Championship & Festival Program for 2023, we encourage you to read the memo and discuss it with your club.

Live score & results from previous Club Championships: click here


The proposed schedule for the 2023 Club Championship Program is as follows:

Age Group Venue Host(s) Dates (2023)
Under 18 Girls Tier 1 Tamanawis Park FHBC May 26 (Eve), 27, 28
Under 18 Girls Tier 2 Tamanawis Park FHBC May 26 (Eve), 27, 28
Under 18 Boys Tamanawis Park FHBC June 2 (Eve), 3, 4
Under 16 Girls Tier 1 Shawnigan Lake School FHBC June 10, 11
Under 16 Girls Tier 2 Shawnigan Lake School FHBC June 10, 11
Under 16 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC + FHBC June 17,18
Under 14 Girls Tier 1 Townsend A Chilliwack FHC + FHBC June 17, 18
Under 14 Girls Tier 2 Chilliwack Snr School Chilliwack FHC + FHBC June 17, 18
Under 14 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC + FHBC June 10, 11
Under 12 Festival Burnaby Lake West Complex BBY Lake FHC + BBY Bears FHC + FHBC June 3, 4

For more information on Club Championship Hosting guidelines and to better understand the respective roles and responsibilities of FHBC and the Club Host(s) in support of this Program, please refer to the information below.

Club Championship Hosting Guidelines

FHBC is responsible for the following support to the Club Championship and Festival Program:
  • Confirmation and Booking (where applicable) of artificial turf facilities
  • Allocation of Club Hosts
  • Coordination of advance Club reservations
  • Coordination of the Team Registration process
  • Coordination of a “Call to Officials”
  • Appointment, scheduling, and payment of medical personnel
  • Appointment and scheduling of technical officials
  • Appointment and scheduling of the umpires
  • Production of the event’s match schedule
  • Production of the event’s hosting manual
  • Logistical delivery of event equipment (tents, tables, chairs, medical, banners etc)
  • Payment of officials and umpires
  • Payment of facilities
  • Organization of medals (for Championship play) and gifts (for Festival play)
  • Provision of officials’ clothing (as required)
  • Production of event Informational Program
FHBC relies on the support of community clubs for each event. During the Club Championships and U12 Festivals, the hosting club(s) is responsible for:
  • Facility Set-Up and Take-Down Support
  • Technical Officiating Support (Match Management, Timing and Score Keeping)
  • Game Day Umpires Support and Coordination
  • Game Day Team Support and Coordination
  • Coordination of Presentations
  • Submission of Results (for FHBC Posting)
  • Submission of Expense Receipts to FHBC (as may be eligible)

Guideline – How to Host Club Championships 

For questions regarding this process, or Club Championships in general, please contact