Events & Officials Coordinator – Job Description

The position of Events and Officials Coordinator is designed to provide logistical support in line with the operational requirements of the annual Field Hockey BC event calendar and event based officiating calendar, the officials development pathway and the delivery of the Officials Professional Development and Certification Program, as well as, the oversight for facility bookings and equipment provision to Field Hockey BC programming. The Events and Officials Coordinator will be responsible for the coordination of each of the areas outlined within this job description and will report as a staff member of the Society to the Executive Director.

Specific Responsibilities:

Annual Event Program

Administration and Administrative Support (Event Logistics)

  • To take a leading role in the coordination of all Field Hockey BC identified domestic club, high performance, national, and international events
  • To liaise with the Field Hockey BC Domestic Director (responsible for domestic programs including events) and the Field Hockey BC Athlete Program Team (responsible for the planning and policies for all high-performance specific events) to ensure that all events are coordinated to the standards expected by Field Hockey BC
  • To ensure that all schedules, technical resources, regulations, and promotional programmes are produced in advance of all Field Hockey BC events
  • To ensure that technical reports are returned to the FHBC office by the appropriate technical staff for both FHBC direct delivery events and for FHBC sanctioned events
  • To act as a liaison between Field Hockey BC and the host club(s) for the boy’s and girl’s club championship and festival program and ensure results and standings are returned to the Field Hockey BC office
  • To provide each club with up to date information, schedule, entries and organizational expectations in advance of each event, emphasizing the need for comprehensive detail to be provided to host clubs ahead of the club championship and festival program
  • To take a leading role in the continued development of the policies and procedures specific to tournament hosting, thus maintaining and enhancing the professional nature of events hosted by Field Hockey BC
  • To liaise with Field Hockey BC administrative staff to ensure that all event promotions and results are posted on the Society website and social media platforms
  • To take a lead role in the ongoing development of the events section of the FHBC website.

Hosting Support (Direct and in Person)

  • To identify human resource working parties to support the infrastructure requirements of each event and to this end coordinate and identify individuals within each club to take responsibility for the key areas necessary for the successful staging of FHBC events.
  • To identify and coordinate these working parties in person or via an identified third party at each event (procedures to be determined well in advance of each event)
  • To liaise with Municipality/Operational staff to ensure facility bookings, logistics, and expectations are met.

Coordination of Specialist Human Resources

  • To support the process for identification and appointment of technical officials and umpire managers for Field Hockey BC direct delivery events.
Officials Development Program

Administration, Coordination and Planning Support

  • To take the lead in the recruitment for and production of the umpire schedules for all FHBC events. Where an event may have an appointed Umpire Manager (UM), to support the UM as needed towards the completion of the umpire schedule
  • To liaise with the Field Hockey BC Umpiring Director (responsible for policy oversight and strategic direction for the officiating portfolio) to ensure that support for officiating development meets identified portfolio priority
  • To liaise with the FHBC Sport Development Manager and assist in the organization of the National Umpire Certification Program (course facilitation) and the necessary coordination of learning facilitators in each Region. To include logistical support for practical assessments for Community, Provincial and Regional levels of Certification
  • To assist the FHBC Sport Development Manager in the development and delivery of the FHBC Officials Mentorship program
  • To assist the FHBC Sport Development Manager in the development of an FHBC targeted officials list and an associated professional development pathway
  • To assist the FHBC Sport Development Manager in the planning, practical coordination, and delivery of an FHBC Annual Officiating Seminar.
Facility Bookings and Equipment Coordination

Administration, Coordination and Support

  • To take the leading role in the coordination of seasonal artificial turf and indoor facility bookings for both the FHBC event calendar and the FHBC athlete program calendar.
  • To liaise with Municipal/facility partners to ensure that all respective administrative requirements are completed
  • To liaise with the FHBC Athlete Program Manager to understand and coordinate facility access needs that meet the seasonal athlete program plan
  • To take the leading role in the coordination of equipment needs for both the FHBC event calendar and for the FHBC athlete program calendar
  • To manage FHBC equipment inventory and prepare recommendations for ordering equipment in accordance with program demand
  • To further develop the internal tracking system for FHBC equipment use throughout the FHBC event and athlete program calendar.