NCCP Courses

Field Hockey BC considers formal coach education to be an essential driver for field hockey development across British Columbia. The National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) is the Canadian formal coach education pathway governed by the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC). The NCCP Pathway provides both coaching theory and field hockey technical instruction and is tailored for delivery at both a junior and senior professional development level.

Field Hockey BC currently organizes NCCP course delivery on an as needs basis. If you are interested in attending an NCCP course or if you are interested in assessing what course might be most suitable for you, then please get in touch with Field Hockey BC staff who will be happy to assist. For contact detail please see below:

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Not sure which NCCP Course is right for you?

For those interested in assessing which NCCP course may be most appropriate/valuable – CONTACT FHBC’s Coach Leadership Team of John Sacre at /604-737-3145 or Katie Jameson at / 778-227-0895.

NCCP Field Hockey Courses are currently being revised by Field Hockey Canada and will be available to FHBC coaches in the Spring of 2021. In the meantime, please view the NCCP pathway page for more information.