Club Championship Hosting Guidelines

FHBC is responsible for the following support to the Club Championship and Festival Program:
  • Confirmation and Booking (where applicable) of artificial turf facilities
  • Allocation of Club Hosts
  • Coordination of advance Club reservations
  • Coordination of the Team Registration process
  • Coordination of a “Call to Officials”
  • Appointment, scheduling, and payment of medical personnel
  • Appointment and scheduling of technical officials
  • Appointment and scheduling of the umpires
  • Production of the event’s match schedule
  • Production of the event’s hosting manual
  • Logistical delivery of event equipment (tents, tables, chairs, medical, banners etc)
  • Payment of officials and umpires
  • Payment of facilities
  • Organization of medals (for Championship play) and gifts (for Festival play)
  • Provision of officials’ clothing (as required)
  • Production of event Informational Program

FHBC relies on the support of community clubs for each event. During the Club Championships and U12 Festivals, the hosting club(s) is responsible for:
  • Facility Set-Up and Take-Down Support
  • Technical Officiating Support (Match Management, Timing and Score Keeping)
  • Game Day Umpires Support and Coordination
  • Game Day Team Support and Coordination
  • Coordination of Presentations
  • Submission of Results (for FHBC Posting)
  • Submission of Expense Receipts to FHBC (as may be eligible)

Hosting Guideline PDF Document: 

How to Host Club Championships 

For questions regarding this process, or Club Championships in general, please contact