Interior Technical Development Program Registrations are Now Open!

Field Hockey BC is excited to announce a 6-week Technical Development program for Interior athletes from January 31st to March 7th. This program is open to athletes of all abilities and is intended to help athletes develop their technical skills. Both age groups will be coached by Ben Fecht & Dani Hennig. This program will primarily focus on acquiring skills for Passing and Receiving, focusing on key elements such as grip, ball position, preparation and execution.

This program will adhere to the current COVID-19 protocols as approved by the Provincial Health Officer, viaSport and Field Hockey BC. More information about our Responsible Return to Play Framework can be found on our website: For more information on the Technical Development program, please access:

The deadline to register is Monday, January 25th.

IMPORTANT: registration is limited to maintain an athlete coach ratio of 8:1 and will be on a first come-first served basis.


U16 Age Group (Born: 2005, 2006 & 2007)

Day/Time – Sundays, 12:15 – 1:30pm
Date Range – January 31st – March 7th
Cost – $98
Location – Capital News Centre, Kelowna, BC

U18 Age Group (Born: 2003 & 2004)

Day/Time Sundays – 1:45 – 3:00pm
Date Range – January 31st – March 7th
Cost – $98
Location – Capital News Centre, Kelowna, BC

*Interested Male Athletes, please email
*Interested Goalkeepers, please email prior to registering, as your program details may differ

COVID-19 Response: PHO Order Interpretation – Community Communique #9

You can access the PDF version of this document here.

December 3rd, 2020 PHO Order Interpretation

Adult Activity Suspension and Youth Program return to ‘First Stage’ Return to Responsible Play

Dear Field Hockey BC Members

On behalf of the Field Hockey BC (FHBC) Board of Directors, I am writing to provide for an important update concerning the intent and expectation of the December 3rd, 2020 Provincial Health Office (PHO) order. The PHO order released today can be accessed at the following link:

Shortly after the PHO order was released, Field Hockey BC attended a viaSport BC meeting to gain the clarification required in order to provide for this communique to membership. In short, the Provincial Health Office and viaSport BC is requiring the Organized Sport Sector to further limit the amount of physical interactions and travel to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

What does this mean for Field Hockey activity?
*Aligned and updated to the PHO Order Revision dated February 5th, 2021.

Adults (*22 years old and over):

  • Effective immediately, Field Hockey activity for Adults (*22 years old and over) is suspended.
  • Individual adults may continue to train alone (where permissible within their local community).
  • High-Performance Adult athletes that are identified as Canadian Sport Institute (CSI) targeted athletes with either Field Hockey Canada (NSO) or Field Hockey BC (PSO) have an exemption to continue to participate and travel to NSO or PSO programming. Such programming is subject to ‘First Stage’ Responsible Return to Play guidelines (now requiring a 3m physical distancing protocol – up from the previous 2m protocol).

Youth (*21 years old and under):

  • Youth Field Hockey activity (*21 years old and under) may continue BUT MUST be delivered according to ‘First Stage’ Responsible Return to Play (requiring full physical distancing protocols).
  • The ‘First Stage’ Responsible Return to Play Framework requires a 2m Physical Distancing Protocol, however, the December 3rd, 2020 PHO Order now requires (effective immediately) a 3m Physical Distancing Protocol.
  • Adult coaches and safety officers are permitted to continue to lead full physical distanced youth field hockey programming.

Can one travel to access Field Hockey programming?

  • Travel at this time is restricted to the local community where one resides.
  • It is permissible for travel to take place to a ‘home’ club in order to access programming (for those able to participate in such programming under the PHO order).

How long is the December 3rd, 2020 PHO order in effect?

  • This order does not have a specified timeline and should be considered an indefinite order.

For further detail regarding Field Hockey’s COVID-19 response and to access the Responsible Return to Play Framework documentation, please access this information housed on the Field Hockey BC website at: Further reference material can be found on the viaSport BC website at

It is likely that that Organized Sport Sector will experience a number of further updates around this order as we approach the New Year and Field Hockey BC will continue to provide as much clarity to our community membership as possible. Despite the restrictions imposed by this latest PHO Order, Field Hockey BC trusts that our community will remain vigilant in helping to flatten the COVID-19 curve and in doing so progressively move the collective organized sport sector towards greater freedoms for participation in 2021.

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
December 3, 2020

FHBC launches new regional Technical Development training program for 2020-2021

Field Hockey BC (FHBC) is excited to announce the launch of a new regional Technical Development training program for 2020-2021. Following the recent review of the BC athlete pathway, it became evident that BC club community stakeholders are keen for FHBC to continue to support athlete development in the provision of a technical training program targeted, but not limited to, those who may not have access to such technical training through the club community network. In response, FHBC will be launching the new FHBC Technical Development program according to identified geographical need and in a phased approach over the course of the current 2020-21 season.

Phase One

In the first phase FHBC is targeting those regions of the province that expressed a direct need for such program support. As such, FHBC is delighted to announce that the new Technical Development Program will be offered on Vancouver Island from mid-November 2020 through March 2021 (with the potential for summer season delivery), and in the Interior from mid-January 2021 through April 2021 (also with the potential for summer season delivery).

Phase Two

In alignment with the BC athlete pathway review recommendations, FHBC is launching a club outreach initiative targeted at community clubs across the lower mainland designed to complete a lower mainland regional Technical Development program needs assessment. Following such an assessment, a phase two program plan will be developed intent on launching the Technical Development program across the lower mainland in geographically appropriate regional locations. It is expected that such a club community needs assessment will be complete by the calendar year-end allowing for program planning and initiation in the new year.

For more information regarding the BC athlete pathway review recommendations, please refer to the following link.

Technical Development Program Summary

Program Structure

Designed with flexibility of access at the core, the new Technical Development program will be offered in small program windows of four to six weeks. A coach to athlete ratio of 1:8 is to be expected with one (or two) full training sessions scheduled per week. The program may be adapted during the summer months or other times to allow for camp style delivery.

Program Design

Designed to center on technical skill progression, each program offering will focus on developmentally appropriate core technical field hockey skills and include supporting education in aspects of sport science. Sessions will be adapted to meet the needs of the athlete pool with the expectation that each program’s first session will act as an opportunity for the head coach to determine athlete need and adapt program practice plans accordingly. Programs will not only focus on the development of field player technical skills, but also offer the opportunity for goalkeepers to participate in an integrated program format or goalkeeper specific program.

Program Curricula and LTFHD Alignment

The core curricula will focus on technical skill progression, but also include aspects of sport science and specialist training. The curricula will follow the Long-Term Field Hockey Development (LTFHD) skills matrix with technical skill progression aligned to stage of development and athlete ability.

Responsible Return to Play

Until further notice, the Technical Development program will be delivered according to the Stage One Responsible Return to Play Framework. The Stage One Responsible Return to Play Framework includes a full physical distancing protocol for athletes, coaches, and safety officers.

For more information regarding the Stage One Responsible Return to Play Framework, please refer to the following link.

For detailed information on the current Technical Development Programs being offered, please access the Female or Male programs pages.

Technical Development Program

The FHBC Technical Development Program is a prescriptive technical skills program designed to complement the technical training programs of Community Clubs and Leagues and deliver a learning experience that is focused on a specific technical skill or skills. The FHBC Technical Development Program offers an optional opportunity for athletes of all ability levels to sign up to a program with a specific prescriptive technical skill set as a focus.

The FHBC Technical Development Program follows a modular curriculum aligned to the National field hockey skills matrix with Program Modules offered on the basis of both single skills (for example – hitting the ball) and complementary skills (such as pushing and receiving). The FHBC Technical Development Program does not play a part in FHBC Athlete Evaluation nor a part in the FHBC Talent Identification Pathway.

While previous Technical Development modules offered through FHBC were designed to cover a wide range of skills and was broad in its delivery, future modules of the program will be more prescriptive in nature with the aim of providing athletes with a greater understanding of each skill – technique and use- therefore helping to increase an athlete’s confidence and improve their ability to execute skills at speed and under pressure.

Focus for the first two program modules for 2023

The first two modules of the year will focus on the technical skill of Receiving. Since the quality of the reception is influenced by the quality of the pass, the complementary skills of push pass, hit, and sweep will all be included.

Technical Development Program Structure

Modules in the Interior and Mainland will be offered in two progressive, four-week blocks designed to improve the skills of the athletes and transition them from the phases of acquisition (acquiring the skills) to performance (performing the skill at speed and under pressure). The Island will combine these two blocks into a 6-session program.

Block 1: Breaking it down to build it back up
An in-depth review of the basic skill to work on technique, and situational use with some introduction to decision-making.

Block 2: Turn up the tempo
Athletes will apply the skills learned in Block 1 to game situations. Athletes should expect an increase in the tempo and complexity to fire up their decision-making skills.

Note: This program is ability-based, therefore the first session will act as an opportunity for the head coach to determine the athletes’ abilities and needs before placing them into the appropriate skill-level group. This may result in some athletes moving from one session into the other within their region for best chance of development.

The Technical Development programs will focus on the development of the field player technical skills, while providing the opportunity for goalkeepers to participate in an integrated program format.

A coach-to-athlete ratio of 1:8 is to be expected each week.

Registration Information



Block 1
Dates: January 15 – February 5 (4 x 90min sessions) @ CNC 
Times: U14/U16 program: 11:15am – 12:45pmU18 program: 12:45pm – 2:15pm 
Cost: $99 
Register here: registration closed
Register by January 10th

Block 2
February 12, February 26, March 5, March 12
(Note: there is no training session during the Family Day Long Weekend)
Times: U14/16s from 11:15am – 12:45pm; U18s from 12:45pm – 2:15pm
Location: Capital News Center, Kelowna
Cost: $99
Register here:
Register by February 6th


Field Hockey BC is also pleased to support Southern Okanagan Field Hockey in Penticton. Athletes in the South Okanagan can join this 7-session program. This program will run January 8th to March 5th, 3:00 – 4:30 @ Adidas Sportsplex.

For more information and to register, please visit: 



U18 Male & Female Island Athletes
Thursday January 19 – February 23 (6 sessions), 6:00 – 8:00pm @ UVic

U16/U14 Male & Female Island Athletes
Friday January 20 – February 24 (6 sessions), 6:00 – 8:00pm @ UVic

Cost: $145
Register here: registration closed
Register by January 13th


Mainland (Surrey)

Block 1
Dates: January 15 – February 5 (4 sessions) @ Tamanawis
Times: U14/U16s 5:00 – 6:30pm; U18s 6:30 – 8pm
Cost: $85
Register here: registration closed
Register by January 10th

Block 2
February 19, February 26, March 5, March 12
Times: U14/16s from 5:00 – 6:30pm; U18s from 6:30 – 8:00pm
Location: Tamanawis 1 (Upper Field), Surrey
Cost: $85
Register here:
Register by February 15th

Coaching in the Technical Development Program

Interested in becoming a coach in the Technical Development Program? Contact Patricia Wright-Alexis at for more information.

If there are no programs being currently offered in your area, we would encourage you to reach out to your local club to ascertain whether there are similar opportunities available through the club or whether your club would be willing and able to advocate for the Technical Development Program to be considered for your local community. The alternative is to get in touch with FHBC directly to see what opportunities there may be for such programming in your community and whether planning for such is already underway.

Field Hockey BC Clubs page

Field Hockey BC Contact info

Provincial Athlete Pathway Review – Invitation for Membership Engagement

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

As you may be aware, Field Hockey BC (FHBC) recently completed a comprehensive Provincial Athlete Pathway Review and the FHBC Board of Directors is pleased to extend an open invitation to all member clubs, organizations and leagues to meet with representatives from the Board and staff to discuss the results of the review. FHBC is excited to share information about the review process and outcomes and to answer any question you may have regarding the upcoming changes to the Provincial Athlete Pathway and FHBC athlete program model.

This engagement initiative is being led by Jennifer Taylor, FHBC Athlete Program Director, John Sacre, FHBC Head Provincial Coach and Performance Manager, and Krista Thompson, FHBC Regional Lead Coach, Vancouver Island. We are pleased to offer member clubs and leagues a flexible engagement format depending on what your organization prefers. For example, the engagement format could be an opportunity to meet with club or league officials, club or league officials AND members, and/or stakeholder families who are supporting those actively participating. FHBC will adapt the form of engagement, where feasible, to meet your organization’s needs and we will utilize technology to connect in a virtual capacity.

FHBC is currently conducting an operational review and assessment of the review’s published recommendations, which were officially approved by the FHBC Board of Directors in August 2020. This work is being done in order to quantify strategic intent in both the short and mid-term and to prepare for practical implementation. Operational planning is occurring within two distinct timeframes: the first focuses on the current 2020-21 field hockey year as a unique COVID-19 response year; the second represents a more traditional (‘new norm’ expectation) mid-term quadrennial plan (2021-2025).

If you would like for your organization to take advantage of this engagement opportunity, please contact your club administrators and ask them to reach out to Jennifer Taylor at by November 1st. Participation in this engagement initiative is completely voluntary; however, we hope your organization is able to take advantage of this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!

Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project: Communique #5 – Final Report

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

Please click here to access the Final Report of the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project. Now that the athlete pathway report has been received and approved, the next step is for FHBC to consider the report recommendations and build out an operational plan to determine areas of immediate priority and those that will be considered over time.

If you have any questions regarding the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project, please contact Jennifer Taylor, Athlete Program Director, via

Framework Creation and Approval for the ‘Second Stage’ of Responsible Return to Play – Communique #6

You can access the PDF version of this document here.

Second Stage’ – The “Cohort” Model

Dear Field Hockey BC Members

On behalf of the Field Hockey BC (FHBC) Board of Directors and following the announcement earlier this week from the BC Provincial Government, I am pleased to report that work has begun in earnest to complete due process towards an approval of a Second Stage Responsible Return to Play Framework for field hockey in BC. This second stage return for the organized sport sector across BC takes place within phase three of BC’s COVID-19 restart plan (apologies in advance for any confusion here), and offers the opportunity for sport to assess the viability to progressively loosen the physical distancing protocols to allow for modified or standardized game or competitive play.

The second stage responsible return to play introduces the “cohort” model which put simply allows for a progressive game play return involving greater permissible participant interaction on the field of play. Such a cohort model also allows for the same level of participant interaction in a training or recreational context. Although the framework will provide more detailed information on adherence to safety protocols, it is important to note that greater participant interaction is strictly restricted to the field of play during this second stage return and physical distancing protocols are in effect outside of the field of play boundary (especially pertinent when utilizing field infrastructure such as team benches and technical areas which is now a permitted progression from stage one). Field Hockey participant activity numbers will be progressed from stage one guidelines but will be restricted to the provincial health office ‘group of 50’ rule (allowing for up to a maximum of 49 participants on a single field facility at any one time).

Mindful that a great many of our members have already enquired as to why field hockey cannot immediately move to second stage implementation, FHBC is required to follow due process and formally approve a second stage responsible return to play framework (as was the case with the stage one approval protocol). To this end, the FHBC Board of Directors will meet formally to consider such an approval on the evening of September 3, 2020. Once approval has been obtained, the second stage responsible return to play framework will be sent to the provincial government agency viaSport for public posting and will also be posted and available for download from the Society website. Thereafter, Local Sport Organizations (LSO’s) will be able to develop, refine, and approve their second stage safety plans and move to practical implementation. It is important to note that LSO’s can choose to move towards implementation at whatever speed is most appropriate and can continue to develop responsible return to play safety plans utilizing stage one or stage two guidelines.

For those members considering a return to play, I would politely remind you to remember to register your membership prior to stepping on the field of play. It remains essential that all active participants have a valid and paid FHBC and Field Hockey Canada (FHC) membership. The online registration portal is available in the normal way from the FHBC website (

In closing, it is evident and understandable that many of us are eager to move to the second stage of responsible return to play and I once again ask for your patience and consideration as we navigate due process to achieve this end. For many of us who have experienced the journey to date in helping to navigate the BC sport sectors COVID-19 response, it is on the one hand surprising that our sector has been given the flexibility to consider a second stage return to standardized game play, but on the other hand this provides for a return to club and league game play at a time when I’m sure most feared a winter season may have been lost. Such a fantastic opportunity comes with an even greater responsibility to do so as safely as possible for all involved and we wish everyone the very best for an exciting and optimistic opening to a new season.

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC, August 28, 2020

Membership Registration for the 2020-21 Season is now open!

As field hockey starts its Responsible Return to Play in British Columbia, all members participating in LSO, PSO (FHBC), and NSO (FHC) programming must be a registered member in good standing. Click here to start your registration process.

IMPORTANT: For those who have not yet participated in organized field hockey activities during the current 2019-20 season and may now be looking to take advantage of opportunities to return to play during July and August 2020, you can now register as a member and your membership will be valid for July and August 2020, and through to the end of the 2020-21 season. If you paid membership fees in 2019-20 but did not play, and have not received a refund, please contact to request a carry forward into the 2020-21 season.

This carry forward COVID-19 initiative supported by both FHBC and FHC is designed to aid those participants that are new to field hockey or may now wish to re-register, having not participated in the current 2019-20 season prior to July 1, 2020. For those members who may have already requested and received an eligible COVID-19 refund, you will need to re-register prior to participation.

Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project – Status Update Webinar #2

Earlier this season, Field Hockey BC made a community commitment to undertake a performance stream athlete pathway review. The Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project launched on April 14th and shortly thereafter a Club Feedback Questionnaire was sent to all clubs in the province to solicit feedback that would help inform the development of a new Field Hockey BC Provincial Athlete Pathway and Athlete Program Model. A webinar was held on June 17th which provided an update on Phase 1 of the project, including the results of the club questionnaire.

The Field Hockey BC Board of Directors is pleased to announce the performance stream athlete pathway review has now completed Phase 2 and the project is ready to present the Provincial Pathway Working Group’s draft recommendations to all Field Hockey BC members and affiliated Clubs via a second webinar scheduled for July 22nd @ 6:30 pm.

Webinar #2 will include a presentation on the following:

  • Key Outcomes of the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project
  • Recommended Changes to Field Hockey BC’s Athlete Program Model
  • A Redesigned Field Hockey BC Athlete Pathway Model
  • Next Steps

Field Hockey BC encourages all Club officials and members to attend the July 22nd webinar to learn about the new proposed Provincial Athlete Pathway and Program Model prior to the project’s final recommendations being submitted to the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors. The webinar will include an opportunity to hear about the Provincial Pathway Working Group’s proposed recommendations, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Further engagement between Field Hockey BC and the Society’s membership will occur once the FHBC Board of Directors completes a full review of the project’s recommendations, including a risk assessment and review of the Society’s operational and environmental considerations.

If you would like more information regarding the Provincial Pathway Review Project, please contact Jennifer Taylor,

On behalf of the FHBC Board of Directors, thank you for supporting this important initiative!

Date: Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020, 6:30 pm – 8 pm PST

Zoom Meeting Information:
Jul 22, 2020 06:30 PM Vancouver
Topic: PPRP Webinar (Phase Two)
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Password: 363098

Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project – Webinar #1 Recording

Last Wednesday, June 17th, 2020, the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project team held a webinar with FHBC’s general membership  and affiliated clubs to provide an update on the status of the  project. We are now sharing the recording of the meeting for all of those who were not able to attend.

This webinar was the first of two planned sessions that the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project will provide to the field hockey community. The second webinar will be held in approximately 5 weeks and will include a presentation on the project’s draft recommendations to the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors.

You can watch the full webinar here (Q&A starts at 41:30). Access the project’s page here.