2019 Field Hockey BC Award Winners

Senior Male Player of the Year: Gordon Johnston

Gordon Johnston received this award as recognition of his on-going commitment and achievement with the Canadian National Team. Gordie’s journey with the Senior National team began in 2011. At that time, he was also pivotal in helping the National Junior team achieve a silver medal at the 2012 Pan Am Junior Championship and qualification for the 2013 Junior World Cup.

His first international multi-sport competition debut was with Team Canada at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and, the very next year, Gordie played an instrumental role in the Red Caribous’ march to the Pan-Am Games final and qualification to the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. He may well return to the Olympic fold following the dramatic recent qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games hosted in BC in October.

Field Hockey BC is proud to recognise both the event milestones and the 172 representative caps Gordie has achieved for Canada – to date – with the 2019 Senior Male Player of the Year award.


Senior Female Player of the Year: Karli Johansen (represented by her mother, Lynn Punnett)

Karli’s award was also a recognition of her commitment and achievement with the Canadian National Team. Karli made her major debut at the 2014 Commonwealth Games and won her first major medal the following year at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto.

This bronze medal finish for the Senior team was the launching pad for a number of vital international series and event successes that rocketed the team up the World Rankings and all the way to the recent Olympic series qualifier in Dublin Ireland. Karli and her team-mates should be extremely proud of their performances against a strong Ireland team in what so very nearly resulted in a return for the senior Women’s team to Olympic qualification.

Field Hockey BC is exceptionally proud to recognise the 141 caps Karli has achieved for Canada… so far. Karli’s mother, Lynn Punnet, received the award on her behalf.


Senior Female & Male Player of the Year (Under 23):
Sara Goodman (Cowichan FHC) and Harbir Sidhu (India FHC)

The Senior Under 23 Male and Female Player of the Year awards for 2019 were presented to Harbir Sidhu and Sara Goodman. Their Team BC Coaches wrote:

“Harbir was a pleasure to coach in 2019 and is truly deserving of this award. He was a true leader and as such a technically sound athlete, Harbir was able to control critical moments of each match with excellent ball possession and distribution skills. Harbir was influential both on and off the field and what separates him from other athletes is his ability to connect with his teammates and make them better both on and off the pitch.”

“Sara exhibited strong leadership skills during her time with Team BC in 2019. A positive influence both on and off the pitch, Sara led from the front as a true role model for those team-mates around her and for those in opposition. Sara played with poise and confidence, demonstrating a highly evolved technical skill set. At times it all seemed effortless and it was a pleasure to witness the positive impact Sara had to both her team-mates and the Team BC program.”


Junior Male Player of the Year (Under 18) Sponsored by Kukri Sports Canada:
Nicolas Cain (Vancouver Hawks FHC)

The Junior Under 18 Male Player of the Year for 2019 was awarded to Nicolas Cain, along with a $300 clothing voucher from Kukri Sports Canada. Nicolas’s Team BC coaches wrote:

“Nicolas took on the role of Captain for the U18 Men’s Provincial team leading the group in both the Under 23 and Under 18 Men’s National Championships.  In this role, Nic led by example and demonstrated his dedication to the team and program both on and off the pitch. His drive, commitment and leadership all contributed to his wonderful performance over the summer. As a result of his hard work, talent and skill, he was also selected to the recent Field Hockey Canada England Tour. Nic is well on his way and with his continued work ethic and skill the future looks bright for this young athlete.”


Junior Female Player of the Year (Under 18) Sponsored by Kukri Sports Canada:
Grace Delmotte (West Vancouver FHC)

The Junior Under 18 Female Player of the Year award for 2019 was awarded to Grace Delmotte, along with a $300 clothing voucher from Kukri Sports Canada.

In 2019, Grace represented Canada at Under 23, Under 21 and Under 17 levels in multiple countries and continents. Her school team won several competitions and Grace was selected as a member of the Team of the Tournament at this summer’s National Championships. Grace is a quality athlete and has developed into a real difference-maker on every team she plays for. Grace is almost unbeatable in her own age group when it comes to 1 on 1 situations.  She’s also a great role model and just an all-round competitor. And she does everything with incredible humility.


Junior Male Player of the Year (Under 15) Sponsored by Kukri Sports Canada:
Kirin Robinson (Vancouver Hawks FHC)

The Junior Under 15 Male Player of the Year for 2019 was awarded to Kirin Robinson, along with a $300 clothing voucher from Kukri Sports Canada. Kirin’s Team BC Coaches wrote:

“In 2019, Kirin was selected for the Tournament 11 at Nationals and was a big part of his provincial team. He is a very good young player with tons of playing potential, but the best part about him is his contribution to the team off the field. His lighthearted, fun-going attitude keeps his teammates entertained, creating a great environment for all to enjoy and be a part of. Although softly spoken, he speaks loudly through his playing ability and attitude toward the game, friendships with his teammates and his coaches. This recognition is truly deserved.”


Junior Female Player of the Year (Under 15) Sponsored by Kukri Sports Canada:
Ahria Dhillon (Elite FHC)

The Junior Under 15 Female Player of the Year for 2019 was awarded to Ahria Dhillon, along with a $300 clothing voucher from Kukri Sports Canada. Ahria’s Coaches wrote:

“Ahria had a fantastic 2018-2019 season with the Field Hockey BC Regional and Provincial program.  Her love for the game is undeniable and she is always looking for opportunities to improve her technical skills, her understanding of the game, and her leadership.  She constantly challenges herself to make improvements to her game and comes to the field focused and ready to compete.  During the 2019 National Championships, Ahria captained the Under 15 BC Rams team to the gold medal.  She played every minute of the tournament; a critical piece of the defensive line, she rose to every challenge her coaches put forth and always displayed sportsmanship and composure.  We look forward to seeing her continue to develop and compete at the next level.”


Barbara Schrodt Award: Ian Baggot (FHC/FHBC/West Vancouver FHC)

The Barbara Schrodt Award is an award presented to “someone who has made a difference to women’s field hockey in BC”. In 2019, that someone is Ian Baggott.

Ian has been a central figure in driving the strategic direction and support structure for field hockey in BC and across Canada at the local, regional, provincial, and most recently National level for more than two decades. Having been a long-time volunteer Board member with West Vancouver Field Hockey Club, the BC Men’s Field Hockey Association, and the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors, this award is made in recognition of Ian’s commitment over time, but most specifically for his ongoing commitment to Board governance at the National level with Field Hockey Canada.

Ian has tirelessly volunteered as Chair of Field Hockey Canada’s Board of Directors for the past eight years and agreed this past season to extend his involvement as Past-Chair for one final and ninth year. Even through turbulent times, Ian always drives forward with a smile on his face and a generosity of heart. Although the Women’s National Team narrowly lost their pursuit of Olympic qualification, there has never been a greater number of female high-performance athletes vying for National recognition. Combine this with podium results and event qualification being realised across many female levels of the National program, and the fact that there are record numbers of field hockey-first female athletes actively participating throughout the calendar year. The impact that Ian and his FHC team has had is something to be celebrated.

There is no doubt that Ian will continue to give back to field hockey, and it is FHBC’s pleasure to recognise his considerable commitment in presenting him with the 2019 Barbara Schrodt Award.


Contribution to Men’s Field Hockey: John Nolan (Vancouver Men’s League)

John Nolan continues to be an inspirational force in the promotion of field hockey at all levels of the game.  John has been instrumental in the development of athletes, coaches and leagues. Here’s just a partial list of his volunteer positions: a founder, executive member, coach and official for the Burnaby field hockey club, an executive member to the Vancouver men’s field hockey league, a direct liaison to the Burnaby Parks department, an FHC umpire and assessor. The field hockey community continues to benefit from his vast level of experience and expertise.

John has been a driving force for the Vancouver Men’s Field Hockey League, devoting an amazing amount of time and energy, year on year, to coordinate and ensure that men’s teams have fields, officials, and a smooth-running league.  A often thankless task, but an absolutely essential role that has enabled the Men’s league to continually thrive when similar leagues across the continent have struggled. In 2019, John stepped down after nearly two decades with his hand on the tiller. This award gives John a sense of FHBC’s appreciation of his hard work and dedication, and in particular the positive impact he has personally had on male field hockey participation and development.


Coach of the Year Sponsored by Field Hockey Shack: Jenn Beagan (FHBC)

During the 2018-19 season, Jenn has demonstrated her commitment to coaching leadership by playing a role at all levels of regional and provincial athlete programming. When approached to participate, Jenn, more often than not, simply responded ‘Where do you need my help?’. From her Head Coaching role in the School District Academy Program, to her contributions within the Provincial Coach Education Program, Jenn always dives in and is fully committed.  One of her many strengths is her compassion for the sport and for the athletes. Her dedication to self-improve and to learn the many facets of coaching both on and off the pitch is impressive. Jenn is always trying to find ways to gain new skills and often works with other coaches to assist them as well.


Umpire of the Year: Gillian Batey (FHBC/FH Victoria)

Although there are many umpires across BC who play an integral role in the development of the third team on the pitch, there is none more deserving over the course of 2019 than Gillian Batey. Gillian has been active at more events across BC than any other female umpire during the 2018-19 season.  She has worked as an umpire and umpire mentor at the club and local league level, as well as for provincial and national events.

Gillian was a stabilising force at Field Hockey BC’s Train to Train and Train to Compete events, at the joint Under 18 Club Championships, and at the Under 15 Girls Club Championship. She volunteered as Umpire Manager for each of these Tournaments and Championships and provided a tremendous amount of guidance, mentorship, and support for each event. Gillian continues to give her time to organize and mentor umpires, officiate more than her fair share of games throughout both senior and junior league seasons, and continually set a high standard for BC officials to follow.