About Field Hockey BC

Field Hockey BC (FHBC) is the Provincial Sports Organization (PSO) dedicated to supporting and assisting the development of field hockey in the province of British Columbia. In partnership with Field Hockey Canada (FHC) and FHBC’s Member Clubs, we provide opportunities for British Columbians to experience the the exciting sport of field hockey. Whether you are a player, official, coach, administrator or spectator, FHBC is committed to operating with integrity, openness and respect to ensure that our tradition of field hockey excellence is preserved in British Columbia and that our sport is open to people of all ages, skill levels and abilities.


To foster and sustain an enjoyable, inclusive field hockey environment for the benefit of participants at all levels.


To lead collaborative growth, development and good governance for the sport of field hockey in British Columbia.

  • INCLUSIVITY: We stand for a safe, respectful and inclusive environment.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: We commit to being honest and transparent in our governance and operations.
  • COLLABORATION: We recognize field hockey’s success will be achieved in partnership with our communities.
  • EXCELLENCE: We commit to innovative and engaging field hockey experiences for participants at all levels.

Field Hockey BC plays an important role in providing essential services to our membership and up to date information for anyone interested in becoming involved with the sport of field hockey. These services include the provision of support, management and opportunity at a number of progressive levels for athletes, officials, and coaches alike. Below are examples of some of the services FHBC organizes, administrates and delivers.

Our Services

Coaching and Officiating:

  • Coach Education Courses and Certification Opportunities
  • Officials Courses and Certification Opportunities
  • Coach and Official Resource Library
  • In Service Coach and Athlete Workshops

Our Coaching Information
Our Umpiring Information

Athlete and Coach Development:

  • Athlete Development Programming
  • Athlete Performance Programming
  • Technical Development Programming
  • Coach Mentorship Programming
  • Coach Assistance Programming

Our Athlete and Coach Development Programs

Youth and Schools Development:

  • Elementary School and Middle School Program
  • Inter-School Festivals
  • Youth Development Program

Our School Programs

Domestic Tournaments:

  • Provincial Club Tournaments and Festivals
  • International ‘Open’ Tournaments
  • Invitational Tournaments

Our Events

Funding and Promotion:

  • The administration and management of Funding Applications for athlete, official and coach support
  • The promotion of the sport through Marketing and Advertising

National and International Tournaments:

In partnership with Field Hockey Canada (FHC):

  • Assist with the Organization and Administration of visiting International Team Events.
  • Host and organize wherever possible Tournaments within the National Championship program

Our National Events

Club Partnerships:

  • Assisting Club Development
  • Supporting Club Infrastructure

Field Hockey BC Governance

The Society is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors elected by the Society membership.

Field Hockey BC Staffing:

Field Hockey BC employs full-time, part-time, and seasonal employees who oversee and manage the administrative responsibilities of the annual program.

  • Executive Director (full-time) – Responsible for the operational direction and day to day management of the Society
  • Head Provincial Coach and Performance Manager (full-time) – Responsible for the development of Athletes and Coaches within the FHBC Athlete Development and Performance Program, and for the delivery oversight of the National Coach Certification Program (NCCP)
  • Athlete Program and Sports Development Manager (full-time) – Responsible for the administration and management of the FHBC Athlete Development and Performance Program, as well as for the FHBC Elementary, Middle, and High Schools Program
  • Accounts Manager (part-time .75) – Responsible for the management of the day to day accounts and end of year audit preparation for the Society
  • Events and Officials Coordinator (full-time) – Responsible for the operational organization both ahead of and during FHBC and select FHC events, and for the logistical support to the officiating portfolio
  • Member Services and Communications Coordinator (full-time) – Responsible for the management of the Society website, database, social media, newsletter, member services and for additional administrative support where necessary
  • Regional Coordinator and Coach Mentor (part-time .25) – Responsible for the coordination of athlete and coach support services and targeted coach mentorship to their respective region (Vancouver Island)

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Field Hockey BC Board of Directors:

Nine Director at Large positions make up the Society Board of Directors. All Directors are voted in for a two year term and the positions are undertaken on a voluntary basis:

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Finance Director
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large
  • Director at Large

View the current Board of Directors List

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