2024 Club Championship & Festival Program – Online Registration Instructions

Online Registrations for the 2024 Club Championship & Festival Program will open on Wednesday, May 1st at noon, and will close on Sunday, May 5th, at midnight. This is a ‘first-come-first-serve’ registration as spots in each event are limited.

  • Team registrations with a blank roster will not fulfill the Team Entry Requirement; player # (Jersey) is mandatory for all U18 and U16 divisions
  • Nominating an Umpire is mandatory, except for travelling teams (from Island & Interior to Mainland; from Mainland & Interior to the Island)
  • Nominating a Technical Volunteer is mandatory for all teams

Whilst FHBC recognizes the value of inclusivity, it remains essential for teams wishing to register for the 2024 BC Club Championship and Festival Program to adhere to the Team Entry Deadline and Team Entry Requirements in each case. Team Entry submission after the published deadline in each case will not be accepted.

Refer to the Stakeholder Memo disseminated in December 2022 for more information about the operational and strategic direction of the FHBC Club Championship and Festival Program hereFor more information about dates and locations, access the Club Championship page here. 

Follow the guide below to register your team.

Registration Guide

Registration opens on Wednesday, May 1st, at noon – closes end of day on Sunday, May 5th.

Log In / Creating an Account

Access Link – http://fhbcprograms.rampregistrations.com

If this is your first time registering in this new system, click on “Don’t have an account? Create one Here”.

Provide an email address and create a password.

Q: Can the same email address be used for more than one account?
A: No. Once an email address has been used to create an Account, it cannot be used again on a different account.

Account Dashboard

Once you log in, you will be taken to your account’s Dashboard. Select the option Tournament Registration on the right side of the screen.

Registration Page 1

STEP 1 – Choose the current season “FHBC Membership Season 2023-24”

STEP 2 – Choose the Club Championship or Festival you will be registering for

STEP 3 – There should be only one Division option; select the only one available

STEP 4 – Choose “Create a New Team” and enter your team’s name

STEP 5 – Choose a Team Contact / If the appropriate person is not listed, select Add a Family Member and enter the information

STEP 6 – For U14, U16 and U18, select the package for your team’s corresponding Tier (for U12 Festival teams, the Tier declaration will come on the next page)

Registration Page 2 – Nominated Umpires and Technical Volunteers

Travelling Teams (from Island & Interior to Mainland; from Mainland & Interior to the Island) are not required to nominate an Umpire; those teams should type “Travelling Team” for the Umpire related questions of the registrations process

STEP 1 – Enter the name of your nominated Umpire  – make sure to let the umpire know he/s is being nominated by your team

STEP 2 – Enter the Umpire’s email address

STEP 3 – Select the Umpire Level from the drop-down menu

STEP 4 – Enter the name of your nominated Technical Volunteer – expectations for volunteers differs for each event; please refer to the Club Championship Review Working Group Memo for more information

STEP 5 – Enter the Technical Volunteer’s email address

STEP 6 – Enter your Team’s colours (shirt, skirt/shorts, socks)

STEP 7 (FOR U12 FESTIVAL ONLY) – Declare your team’s tier

Registration Page 3 – Roster Submission

STEP 1 – Enter your roster – phone number and email addresses for players are NOT REQUIREDA team registration with a blank roster will not fulfill the Team Entry Requirement

IMPORTANT: Jersey # is mandatory for all U18 and U16 players

Roster changes will be allowed after the registration process

STEP 2 – Enter your team’s Coaches and Managers – please provide email addresses for contact

Registration Page 4 – Payment

On this page, please review your registration information and pay by card