Field Hockey Canada U18 Nationals Recap

BC finished the U18 National Championship in style with medals to all three teams representing the province in the competition. This year’s Nationals are being hosted in Brampton, Ontario.

Team BC Results:
U18 BC Blue Girls – GOLD (3-2 over Ontario)
U18 BC White Girls – BRONZE (5-0 over PEI)
U18 BC Boys – GOLD (3-1 over Ontario)

Congratulations to all of the players and thank you to the coaches, managers, supporters and staff who made this week possible. Also a big thank you to Field Hockey Ontario for hosting the championship and to the technical officials, umpires and volunteers.

The U16 Nationals begin on August 8. More information here.

BC Blue

BC White

U18 Boys

All three BC Teams

Participant Registration is now open for the 2023-24 Season

New for 2023-24 – Following the formal adoption of new Society Bylaws (that come into effect September 1, 2023), Society ‘Members’ are now BC accredited community clubs and individual participants (previously referred to as members) are now referred to as ‘Registered Participants’. More information about these changes is available at the Special AGM section here.

Registrations are now open and can be accessed through here. There is also a step-by-step guide for the registration process available here.

2023-24 Registered Participant Fees

Senior Player (year of birth 2005 or before) – Total $80
FHBC fee ($39) + FHC fee ($39 + $2 NSO Registration System Surcharge)

Junior Player U18-U13 (year of birth 2006 to 2011) – Total $57
FHBC fee ($34) + FHC fee ($21 + $2 NSO Registration System Surcharge)

Youth Player U12 or younger (year of birth 2012 or after) – Total $23
FHBC fee ($18) + FHC fee ($3 + $2 NSO Registration System Surcharge)

Coach – Total $26
FHBC fee ($6) + FHC fee ($18 + $2 NSO Registration System Surcharge)

Official – Total $26
FHBC fee ($6) + FHC fee ($18 + $2 NSO Registration System Surcharge)

Volunteer – no fee at this time

Administrator – no fee at this time

As a reminder:

  • Every field hockey player, coach, official, volunteer, and administrator is required to register ahead of participation and is classified under the title ‘Registered Participant’. Each Registered Participant is required to pay registered participant fees to BOTH Field Hockey BC (FHBC) and Field Hockey Canada (FHC) unless otherwise stated.
  • All Registered Participant registrations will involve an online registration process via the FHBC website. This will take care of both FHBC and FHC fees and these fees will not need to be considered as part of your annual club fee structure.
  • Registered Participants only need register in ONE category.
  • Some Registered Participants may be players, coaches, officials, volunteers and/or administrators and under these circumstances, Registered Participants are required to register in their HIGHEST category.
  • The option to register will be open throughout the year with the seasonal year running September 1 – August 31.

Refunds: Once a Field Hockey BC Registered Participant has actively participated in the current membership year, regardless of the extent of such participation, registered participant fees are regrettably not eligible for reimbursement nor eligible for proration. This applies to both Field Hockey BC and Field Hockey Canada fees that form the full field hockey registered registration fee. Such a policy has recently been reviewed by the FHBC Board of Directors with the decision that registered participant fees will only be reimbursed to those members who have not actively participated.


Field Hockey BC is hiring a Member Services Coordinator

Field Hockey BC is seeking an individual who is interested in embarking on a career within sport, recreation, and leisure to be our next Member Services Coordinator. This position is a full-time appointment designed to provide logistical support to the operational structure at Field Hockey BC.

The Member Services Coordinator will be responsible for the day-to-day management and continued development of the Society registration platform, database, website and social media; for the administrative lead in member and participant registration, for the production of the Society newsletter; for acting as media liaison with our stakeholder clubs; for the coordination of venue specific support for special events; for the management of FHBC apparel orders; and for general office duties as required.


Deadline for applications: August 3, 2023
Job to commence from: September 5, 2023

Please send your resume and cover letter by the deadline date above to:
Mark Saunders, Executive Director, Field Hockey BC
101-7455 132nd Street, Surrey, BC V3W 1J8
Tel: 604.614.7660 Fax: 604.873.6488