Final Notice of Special (Extraordinary) General Meeting

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

I am pleased to provide the final notice of motion for the May 17, Special (Extraordinary) General Meeting (under section 3.1.2 of FHBC’s bylaws):

‘That the bylaws of the Field Hockey British Columbia (FHBC) be rescinded and replaced with the revised bylaws that have been presented to the members, inclusive of the FHBC Transition Plan, effective September 1, 2023’.

Moved by Mark Vaughan, Director Business Development
Seconded by Gavin Caldecott, Vice President

The special (extraordinary) general meeting will take place May 17, 2023, at 6:30 pm, online via Zoom.

Please note, that following the Town Hall, the Board has made a modification to the proposed bylaw document, section 3.13 Voting at Meetings of Members – specifically the voting calculation formula.

The formula in the first draft calculated vote strength at 50% of a club’s total membership. This draft provides full proportional representation (i.e., 100% of a club’s total membership). This revised formula attempts to strike a balance between equity and fairness.

  1. Equity – all clubs get one vote
  2. Fairness – proportional representation ensures clubs receive share of the vote that reflects their membership number within the provincial total

The revised bylaws and transition plan and summary of changes can be found online here.

The current bylaws can be found online here.

As a polite reminder to the Community Communique dated April 26, 2023, that outlined voting registration for this general meeting and the management of proxy voting, please click here for more detail.

The following deadline has been set for the submission of an appropriate voting form or forms:

  • Deadline for Submission of Proxy Forms to FHBC: May 11, 2023
  • Deadline to Register as an Individual Voter: May 16, 2023

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I look forward to seeing you at the SGM on May 17.

Yours in Field Hockey,

Denise McGeachy
President, Field Hockey BC 


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