FHBC Virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) – Third Notice of 2023 AGM Calendar Timelines

You can download the PDF version of this communique here

Further to the first and second AGM notice circulations on January 3, 2023 and January 17, 2023 respectively, FHBC is sending out a third of four planned community communiques in preparation for the upcoming VIRTUAL Field Hockey BC Annual General Meeting on February 8th, 2023 (6.30pm). This third notice draws particular attention to the deadline for the submission of forms associated with VOTING at the AGM.

For those members wishing to attend and carry an individual vote or carry permissible proxy votes at the 2023 Virtual FHBC AGM, the following deadline has been set for the submission of an appropriate form or forms:

  • Deadline for Submission of Proxy Forms to FHBC: February 3, 2023
  • Deadline to Register as an Individual Voter: February 5, 2023


FHBC has posted TWO forms associated with voting via Proxy at the 2023 FHBC AGM:

  1. The first form is a PROXY FORM LIST that a proxy holder is responsible for completion and submission to FHBC by the deadline of February 3, 2023.
  2. The second form is a PROXY VERIFICATION FORM/SUBMISSION that requires a member signature confirming the identity of the proxy holder who will carry their vote at the 2023 FHBC AGM.

The Proxy Holder is responsible for the SINGLE (all at one time) SUBMISSION of BOTH the PROXY FORM LIST and the SIGNED PROXY VERIFICATION(S) to FHBC by the deadline date of February 3, 2023.

For SIGNED PROXY VERIFICATION(S), members can utilize the posted PROXY VERIFICATION FORM and return this to the Proxy Holder, OR members may submit the following standardized information to the Proxy Holder by other means (for example as a photo file):

  • Title: 2023 FHBC AGM
  • Member Name:
  • Designation of Voting Right to Proxy Holder (Proxy Holder Name):
  • Member Signature:

Both the PROXY FORM LIST Template and the PROXY VERIFICATION FORM Template can be accessed via the FHBC website from the FHBC AGM main page https://fieldhockeybc.com/annual-general-meeting-agm/ or from in the General Meeting Documents section of the FHBC website www.fieldhockeybc.com/documents/ under the heading 2023 FHBC AGM.

All VOTING Form submissions are to be returned to info@fieldhockeybc.com by February 3, 2023

Submission of an INDIVIDUAL VOTER FORM (for those members NOT carrying votes via proxy)

For members wishing to attend the 2023 FHBC AGM and vote as an individual, FHBC has created an INDIVIDUAL VOTER FORM that can be accessed from the FHBC website either at the FHBC AGM main page https://fieldhockeybc.com/annual-general-meeting-agm/ , or from the General Meeting Documents section of the FHBC website www.fieldhockeybc.com/documents/ (under the heading 2023 FHBC AGM). INDIVIDUAL VOTER FORM SUBMISSION is required by a deadline date of February 5, 2023.

All VOTING Form submissions are to be returned to info@fieldhockeybc.com by February 5, 2023

Uploading Voting Information in advance of the 2023 FHBC AGM

Following receipt and processing of a Voting Form Submission, FHBC will upload all relevant detail into the voting software being utilized for the 2023 Virtual FHBC AGM and communicate thereafter to those carrying votes on how they can access the voting software and cast votes at the AGM.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out and contact us at info@fieldhockeybc.com should you have any questions regarding the 2023 FHBC AGM.

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
January 23, 2023


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