Indy Sehmbi – Coach & Community Builder – One Athlete at a Time

Indy Sehmbi has played a huge role in the development of young field hockey athletes in the Lower Mainland and throughout Canada.

Indy started coaching provincially in 2000 and continued to coach BC Provincial teams until 2013.

In 2009, Indy join the Men’s National Team as a video analyst and toured with the team to Australia, Argentina, India (Commonwealth Games and World Cup), Mexico (Pan American Games) and South Africa for the next two years.

As Indy increased his knowledge the game though his international experience, he decided it was time to put this knowledge to work and joined the Canadian Junior National Team in 2011 as an assistant coach alongside Aaron Guest.

Indy continued as an assistant Canadian Junior National Team coach until 2013 when we took a more leadership role in the Junior National Program.

In 2014, Indy coached the Youth National team to the U18 Youth Olympics where they won the silver medal.

From 2015-2021 Indy was the Junior Head Coach.  Indy led the Junior National program and took the team to two Junior Pan American Games (Silver and Fourth Place finishes) and to two Junior World Cups (both in India)

Indy has been such a positive coach and role model for so many athletes on both the Junior National and Club programs. Throughout his involvement with the National and Junior National Team Indy was a driving force with the Burnaby Lake Field Hockey Club promoting the development of young players and solidifying the Burnaby Club as contenders in the Vancouver league year in and year out.


After taking the Junior National Team to the Junior World Cup in December of 2021 Indy mad the tough decision to step aside and take some time away from coaching at the National level.

Indy has helped to develop so many local players and is a coach and person who truly believes in each individual and their potential. Indy can be described as a Coach and Community Builder – one Athlete at a time.

We would like to wish Indy well in which ever challenge he takes on next and thank him for all of his amazing contributions to Field Hockey in Canada.

From proud friends and supports of coach Indhi


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