2022 Club Championship and Festival Program – Program Outline and Call for Club Hosting Assistance

Further to information circulated to Club Contacts in November and December 2021, Field Hockey BC is following up on behalf of the FHBC Club Championship Review Working Group (CCRWG) to both confirm the intent for Club Championship Programming in 2022, as well as to request expressions of interest from Community Clubs able and willing to support the HOSTING of the 2022 Club Championship Program. The CCRWG is pleased to announce and now confirm the following Club Championship Schedule for 2022:

Age Group Venue Host(s) Dates (2022)
Under 18 Girls Tier 1 Tamanawis Park India Club + TBD May 27 (Eve), 28, 29
Under 18 Girls Tier 2 Tamanawis Park India Club + TBD May 27 (Eve), 28, 29
Under 18 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC + TBD June 3 (Eve), 4, 5
Under 16 Girls Tier 1 UBC V Hawks + TBD June 17 (Eve), 18, 19
Under 16 Girls Tier 2 UBC V Hawks + TBD June 17 (Eve), 18, 19
Under 16 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC + TBD June 11, 12
Under 14 Girls Tier 1 Island (U-Vic) VIJFHA + TBD June 10 (Eve), 11, 12
Under 14 Girls Tier 2 Island (U-Vic) VIJFHA + TBD June 10 (Eve), 11, 12
Under 14 Boys Rutledge Field WVFHC + TBD June 18, 19
Under 12 Festival Burnaby Lake TBD + TBD June 4, 5

In November 2021, FHBC circulated a 2022 Club Championship Stakeholder Memo to all Club Contacts which included a summary of the role and responsibility of the CCRWG and the principal elements for consideration within Club Championship Program execution. This Stakeholder Memo is again included as a frame of reference to this Community Communique and can be accessed at the following link:


In announcing the 2022 Club Championship schedule and as can be referenced from the table above, FHBC and the CCRWG is requesting further consideration from Community Clubs in the willingness and ability to assist Program delivery in the creation of a CLUB CO-HOSTING ROLE in support of each event. To date, each Under 14 through Under 18 Championship in 2022 has a single CLUB HOST already secured and the ask as it was in November 2021 is again for additional support from a second Community Club to Co-Host in each case. In the case of the Under 12 Festival there is still the need for two Club Hosts to take on a Co-Hosting role. Club Hosts would be required to support the following for any Club Championship Division or Tier:

  • Facility Set-Up and Take-Down Support
  • Technical Officiating Support (Match Management, Timing and Score Keeping)
  • Game Day Officials Support and Coordination
  • Game Day Team Support and Coordination
  • Coordination of Presentations
  • Submission of Results (for FHBC Posting)
  • Submission of Expense Receipts to FHBC (as may be eligible)

For more information and for a Club Championship Host Guideline example, please refer to the following Program link on the FHBC Website:  https://fieldhockeybc.com/events/club-championships/

For any Community Club wishing to return an expression of interest in supporting the 2022 Club Championship Program as a CLUB HOST, please return an e-mail with Club Contact/Follow-Up Detail to info@fieldhockeybc.com by March 21, 2022. FHBC and the CCRWG thank all Community Clubs and Community Club Contacts in advance for their due consideration.

FHBC looks forward to releasing specific Team Registration Information for the 2022 Club Championship Program at the end of March 2022. FHBC also hopes to be announcing at the same juncture a full Club Championship and Festival Hosting Commitment for 2022.

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
February 28, 2022

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