ADVANCE NOTICE – Introduction of Systemic Mandatory National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) Standards 2021-2022

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Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

Earlier this calendar year and in partnership with Field Hockey Canada (FHC), Field Hockey BC (FHBC) along with each recognized Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) across Canada assessed a multi-year Mandatory National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) Standards Proposal presented to the PSO Community by the FHC Coach Education Committee. Following receipt of this Proposal, FHBC formed an NCCP Coach Education Working Group to review the Proposal relative to the BC Field Hockey Environment and provide associated feedback to the FHC Coach Education Committee, feedback that included outreach to club community coaches across BC.

The FHBC NCCP Coach Education Working Group submitted its feedback to FHC in April 2021 and has since followed up with the FHC Coach Education Committee to request the necessary clarification of expectations for 2021-22 (in particular) and for progression into 2022-23. This notice is sent at this time as an advance notice that Mandatory National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) Standards are expected to be implemented at ALL levels of field hockey participation utilizing a phased approach from the current seasonal year (2021-22) through 2024-2025.

As the field hockey community looks towards the traditional Junior Spring Season and into the Summer Event Season of 2022, it should be expected that coaches may not only be required to comply with Safe Sport NCCP requirements but may also be required to be ‘in-training’, ‘trained’ and/or ‘certified’ at specific levels within the NCCP Pathway. In anticipation of such requirement, FHBC has already committed to continue to financially subsidize Safe Sport NCCP requirements in full for all FHBC member coaches and FHBC has also committed to set-aside additional financial resources to support and assist FHBC member coaches to meet specific expectations during the 2021-22 season.

It is hoped that 2021-22 seasonal expectations for Mandatory National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) Standards will be made very clear in the very near future. In the interim, FHBC is preparing internally to assist FHBC member coaches to understand these expectations as they relate to the NCCP Pathway and to help plot a path to meet such expectation. FHBC remains committed to assisting FHBC member coaches in advancing their respective formal education and where possible assisting with the fundamental challenge of financial accessibility.

FHBC expects to be in a position to follow-up with more information on this initiative later this calendar month. For information on the NCCP Pathway please visit the FHBC website at or reach out directly to FHBC’s Sport Development Manager, Katie Jameson via phone (778) 227-0895 or via e-mail at

For questions regarding the FHBC NCCP Coach Education Working Group and associated due process to date, please do not hesitate to reach out to FHBC’s Coaching Director (Board of Directors), Michelle McNaughton at

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
October 1, 2021

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