Message from the Desk of the Field Hockey BC Vice-President

June 11, 2021

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

I write on behalf of the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors to notify the Field Hockey BC Membership of an important change to the office of President to the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors. In my capacity as Field Hockey BC Vice-President and as per Field Hockey BC bylaws, I received on the afternoon of June 10, 2021 the written resignation of Andrew Dewberry as Field Hockey BC President. The Field Hockey BC Board of Directors has since convened via electronic means and formally accepted Andrew Dewberry’s resignation.

In the capacity of serving Vice-President of the Society and in accordance again with Society bylaws, I have informed the Field Hockey BC Board of Directors that I will fill the position of Society President for the remaining months of the current term (to February 2022). The Field Hockey BC Board of Directors are in the process of considering what interim steps will be taken for the currently vacant office of Society Vice-President.

I would like to thank Andrew for volunteering his time, energy, and commitment to the Society during his term as Society President and for his continued support for and drive towards the best possible environment for field hockey participation across BC. We wish Andrew the very best as he steps down from this role.

Yours in sport,
Denise McGeachy
Field Hockey BC Vice-President

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