COVID-19 Response: PHO Order Interpretation (May 25th) – Communique #10

You can download the PDF version of this communique here.

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

I am writing to provide for an important update concerning the intent and expectation of the May 25th, 2021 Provincial Health Office (PHO) order announcement as it relates to the Organized Sport Sector.

Shortly after the PHO order announcement, Field Hockey BC attended a viaSport BC meeting to gain the clarification required in order to provide for this communique to membership. It is important to note, and immediately evident following this afternoon’s viaSport BC meeting, that further clarification regarding PHO Order Interpretation is required.

Field Hockey BC expects viaSport BC to be in a position to provide for such clarity in the days to come. Receipt of such clarification will allow for further community updates from both Field Hockey BC and from viaSport BC on behalf of the Organized Sport Sector.

In advance of further PHO clarification and in an effort to allow for BC Community Clubs to begin to adapt, to plan and to prepare for Restart 2.0, the following guidance is provided following dialogue with viaSport this afternoon:

What does this mean for Field Hockey activity?

  • Both Adult members and Youth members may return to Outdoor field hockey activity.
  • Activity is restricted to a ‘Home Club’ and the associated local outdoor facility(s).
  • Travel is restricted to a ‘Home Club’ and the associated local outdoor facility(s) – noting adherence to the current PHO Regional Travel Restriction still applies.
  • Physical Distancing is no longer required for outdoor field hockey activity.
  • Clarity as to the permitted group size relative to the PHO Gathering and Events Order is pending more information. In the immediate, group size on any single outdoor field facility should be restricted to within the ‘Rule of 50’.
  • There is no need or requirement to form participant cohorts although the maximum number participating on a single field facility at any one time should reflect the ‘Rule of 50’ (until such time as further PHO clarification is received). 
  • With no requirement for cohort modelling, members within a ‘Home Club’ may interact within a training and/or game play environment. 
  • General COVID Safety Plans (e.g. Equipment management and cleaning, personal equipment protocol – non-sharing -, pre-activity health screening, attestation form completion, etc.) must still be in place and adhered to (noting the relaxation of physical distancing and cohort modelling protocols above).
  • Attestation form completion ahead of participant activity is still required.
  • No spectators are permitted at this time.
  • A new PSO Responsible Return to Play Framework aligning to ‘Restart 2.0’ will be developed and disseminated once sufficient guidance and clarity from viaSport BC and the Provincial Government is achieved.

It is important to reiterate that new information is expected to be received by Field Hockey BC in the days to come and that further communiques to the membership will follow as such clarity and interpretation relative to this afternoon’s PHO Order announcement is received. Whilst this is certainly exciting and progressive news for all our members, Field Hockey BC asks for our memberships continued patience in all areas that require further PHO and Provincial Government clarification.

For further detail regarding Field Hockey’s COVID-19 response and to access the Responsible Return to Play Framework documentation, please access this information housed on the Field Hockey BC website at: Further reference material can be found on the viaSport BC website at

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
May 25, 2021
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