DEADLINE EXTENSION: Vacant Position of “Coaching Director” with the FHBC Board of Directors

The application deadline for this position has been extended to Sunday, November 15. You can access the PDF version of this document here.

FHBC Board of Directors – Community Recruitment Notice

Vacant Position of Coaching Director

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

On behalf of the Field Hockey BC (FHBC) Board of Directors, I am writing to inform BC stakeholders that there is an exciting opportunity for an individual to apply for consideration to become a voluntary member of the FHBC Board of Directors. The Board Member vacancy is in the position of Coaching Director, a position that provides for Society leadership and oversight across both the coach development and coach education portfolio. The FHBC Board of Directors are keen to consider the appointment of a Coaching Director to take on the reins for this portfolio for the remainder of the current term (to February 2022 when this position is next due for election).

A summary of the duties of the Coaching Director is as follows:

  • Provide strategic and policy oversight targeted at the promotion of formal coach education course delivery (NCCP) and other instructional activities throughout BC for the development of coaches;
  • Promote and encourage the development and circulation of instructional materials for coaches (professional development for coaches);
  • Assess the strategic merit in offering a formal provincial coach mentorship and coach talent identification pathway;
  • Serve as a member of the Board of Directors, be a member in good standing of the Society, and wherever possible:
    • Attend all FHBC Board Meetings;
    • Attend the FHBC AGM (held in the calendar month of February annually).

And through the recruitment and support of a Coaching Standing Committee:

  • Assist in the development of a strategy to recruit people into coaching;
  • Provide coaches with up-to-date coaching resources;
  • Implement the mandatory coach certification levels, as appropriate;
  • Consider innovative ways in which to further the coach educational learning experience;
  • Consider a mentoring and talent identification process/program within FHBC programming;
  • Ensure that coaches are duly recognized (coaching awards).

I would very much like to invite anyone interested in this role to return an expression of interest to with the title “Coaching Director” by a deadline date of November 15, 2020. Such an expression of interest should include a brief statement as to your motivation for consideration, your background, qualifications and/or experience in the field of coaching and what excites you about this opportunity. I very much thank you for your due consideration and assistance in moving this portfolio forward.

Yours in sport,

Margaret Johnson
Field Hockey BC
October 23, 2020

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