Provincial Athlete Pathway Review – Invitation for Membership Engagement

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

As you may be aware, Field Hockey BC (FHBC) recently completed a comprehensive Provincial Athlete Pathway Review and the FHBC Board of Directors is pleased to extend an open invitation to all member clubs, organizations and leagues to meet with representatives from the Board and staff to discuss the results of the review. FHBC is excited to share information about the review process and outcomes and to answer any question you may have regarding the upcoming changes to the Provincial Athlete Pathway and FHBC athlete program model.

This engagement initiative is being led by Jennifer Taylor, FHBC Athlete Program Director, John Sacre, FHBC Head Provincial Coach and Performance Manager, and Krista Thompson, FHBC Regional Lead Coach, Vancouver Island. We are pleased to offer member clubs and leagues a flexible engagement format depending on what your organization prefers. For example, the engagement format could be an opportunity to meet with club or league officials, club or league officials AND members, and/or stakeholder families who are supporting those actively participating. FHBC will adapt the form of engagement, where feasible, to meet your organization’s needs and we will utilize technology to connect in a virtual capacity.

FHBC is currently conducting an operational review and assessment of the review’s published recommendations, which were officially approved by the FHBC Board of Directors in August 2020. This work is being done in order to quantify strategic intent in both the short and mid-term and to prepare for practical implementation. Operational planning is occurring within two distinct timeframes: the first focuses on the current 2020-21 field hockey year as a unique COVID-19 response year; the second represents a more traditional (‘new norm’ expectation) mid-term quadrennial plan (2021-2025).

If you would like for your organization to take advantage of this engagement opportunity, please contact your club administrators and ask them to reach out to Jennifer Taylor at by November 1st. Participation in this engagement initiative is completely voluntary; however, we hope your organization is able to take advantage of this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you!

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