Framework Advancement for the ‘First Stage’ Return to Responsible Play – Communique #5

You can access the PDF version of this document here.

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

On behalf of the Field Hockey BC (FHBC) Board of Directors and following the approval of the First Stage Responsible Return to Play Framework (for field hockey in BC) on June 11, 2020, I am pleased to report that Field Hockey BC is proactively advancing the approved First Stage Responsible Return to Play Framework with the introduction of a permissible extension to the ratio for athlete participation (maximum number of participants on a full field of play), and a streamlined ratio for the required number of associated safety officers. In this case, the maximum number of athlete participants permissible for full field activity will increase from 18 athlete participants to 32 athlete participants and the number of required safety officers will reduce by half (50% – 4 safety officers to 2 safety officers). See the PDF for a visual guide of the permissible structure on a full field of play.

As the BC Organized Sport Sector awaits formal Provincial Government consideration and associated guidance relative to a move to the second stage of responsible return to play, such advancement of stage one guidelines is seen as a proactive next step to continue Field Hockey’s responsible and progressive stance to maintain and comply with the necessary COVID-19 safety protocols. This move to adjust ratios was taken following receipt of feedback from both LSO and PSO activity leaders. Such feedback will remain ongoing and will continue throughout the staged progression towards a new  “norm” for field hockey activity. The safety of all involved in field hockey’s responsible return to play remains the absolute priority, as does the ability of our sport to comply with the necessary safety protocols.

As we all continue to navigate a progressive and responsible return to organized field hockey activity, I remind and encourage all members to take the necessary time to consider return to play activity as an exercise in social responsibility and safety for all. Let us play our part in offering an opportunity to participate whilst ensuring we contribute to flattening the COVID-19 curve.

Yours in sport,
Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC, July 29, 2020

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