Framework Approval for the ‘First Stage’ Return to Responsible Play – Communique #4

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Dear Field Hockey BC Members

On behalf of the Field Hockey BC (FHBC) Board of Directors, I am delighted to announce that the First Stage Responsible Return to Play Framework (for field hockey in BC) has now been officially approved. The FHBC Board of Directors met on the evening of June 11, 2020 to further consider the framework following the recent creation by the BC Provincial Government of a ministerial order protecting amateur sports organizations, their employees and volunteers from COVID -19 liability. Whilst the ministerial order provides for a welcome boost in confidence, it remains essential that sports organizations comply with public health orders and provincial sport guidelines, as well as, the now approved first stage responsible return to play framework for field hockey in BC. To read more on this proactive move by the BC Provincial Government, please refer to the following link:

With the first stage framework now approved, what does this mean for the Local Sport Organization (LSO)? Well, earlier this week a DRAFT copy of the framework (date stamped June 5, 2020) was sent to LSO’s with the intent to aid preparation and planning. The now approved first stage responsible return to play framework (date stamped June 11, 2020) will be disseminated to LSO senior contacts in the same way later today. A copy of the approved framework will also be posted on the home page of the FHBC website (, referenced through Society social media channels and sent to viaSport for public posting on the viaSport website (

As LSO’s assess the feasibility to return to play in this first stage, it is likely that some LSO’s will choose not to return at this stage. As the Organized Sport Sector across BC cautiously returns, many LSO’s will choose not to return for a number of varying and valid reasons and this is both understandable and anticipated. The approved framework provides guidance as to the minimum standard expected for active implementation in this first stage and we draw your particular attention to the participant ratios, the requirement for attestation form compliance ahead of every activity session, and the need to maintain safety standards ahead of all else.

The advice provided by the Public Health Office, viaSport, and now the approved PSO framework is intended to allow for LSO’s to develop activity plans and look to the necessary steps to secure appropriate facility permits. Where membership participation is concerned, it may be that many members have already requested membership fee refunds or deferrals to the following year, and for those members who may now wish to return we encourage you to re-register your membership prior to active participation. All members participating in LSO, PSO (FHBC), and NSO (FHC) programming must be a registered member in good standing.

As we take the necessary steps towards a return to organized field hockey activity, I encourage all members to take the necessary time to consider returning in what must be a responsible, consistent, and confident manner.

Yours in sport,

Mark Saunders
Executive Director
Field Hockey BC
June 12, 2020

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