Provincial Pathway Review Project: Communique #2 – Club Feedback Questionnaire

Earlier this month, Field Hockey BC announced the launch of the Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project.  The main purpose of the project is to review and evaluate the current FHBC athlete pathway and program model to ensure the Society is meeting the needs of the field hockey community and providing BC athletes with the best available high performance training environment, competitions and opportunities. In order to improve Club-PSO-NSO alignment, the review will examine how FHBC can work collaboratively with the existing club and league structures in BC, as well as seamlessly integrate with the national program pathway.

To gain a better understanding of the perspective of member clubs, Field Hockey BC has sent each member club in the province a Club Feedback Questionnaire.  The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain specific feedback regarding performance stream programming offered directly through the Society that will inform the development of a new FHBC Provincial Athlete Pathway and FHBC Athlete Program Model.

FHBC believes it is important that every club in the province is given an opportunity to be heard and bring forward their ideas. We encourage any FHBC member who would like to share their feedback with club officials to reach out and provide their input. FHBC has asked each club to complete ONE questionnaire per club that reflects the views of the club as a whole. The deadline for clubs to submit the Club Feedback Questionnaire to the FHBC is May 8th.

FHBC would also like to take this opportunity to introduce and thank the following Provincial Pathway Working Group members who are generously volunteering their time to assist with this project:

Project Lead: Jennifer Taylor, FHBC Athlete Program Director
Project Team Members: Ali (Lee) Baggott, Ben Fecht, Caitlin Evans Erickson, Carys Swan, Chris Tyrrell, Erin De Sousa, Gavin Bains, Geoff Matthews, Jenn Beagan, Kent McKinnon, Michelle Savich, Robin D’Abreo and Thora Rae.
FHBC Staff Support: John Sacré, Donna Cumming and Krista Thompson.

If you would like more information regarding the Club Feedback Questionnaire or the Provincial Pathway Review Project, please click on the following link: Provincial Pathway Review Project.

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