FHBC Provincial Athlete Pathway Review Project

Dear Field Hockey BC Members,

Earlier this season, Field Hockey BC made a community commitment to undertake a performance stream athlete pathway review to environmentally assess performance stream athlete programming offered directly through the Society.

FHBC is excited to announce the Provincial Pathway Review Project which officially launched on April 14th, 2020 and is expected to continue over the next three months. During this period, FHBC is committed to reviewing the outcomes of Society regional and provincial performance programs and to identify strengths, gaps and lessons learned.

The main purpose of the project is to review and evaluate the current FHBC Athlete Pathway and FHBC Athlete Program Model to ensure the Society is meeting the needs of the field hockey community and providing BC athletes with a high performance training environment, competitions and opportunities.

In order to improve Club-PSO-NSO alignment, the Provincial Pathway Review Project will examine how FHBC can work collaboratively with the existing club and league structures in BC, as well as seamlessly integrate with the national program pathway. The key objective is to further evolve an FHBC Athlete Pathway and FHBC Athlete Program model that is athlete-centered, accessible, clearly delineated and integrated with both Field Hockey Canada and the clubs’ athlete pathways.

Led by Jennifer Taylor, FHBC Athlete Program Director (Board of Directors), a Provincial Pathway Working Group with representation from across the Province is tasked with formulating recommendations for FHBC Board consideration in July 2020. The working group will consult with community stakeholders, clubs, provincial (PSO) partners, provincial funding organizations, and the national governing body, Field Hockey Canada.

If you would like more information regarding the Provincial Pathway Review Project, please contact Jennifer Taylor, jtaylor@fieldhockeybc.com.

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