U15 Nationals 2019, Tournament Recap

The U15 Nationals came to an end this Sunday, July 28, in Calgary. The tournament was a success, extremely exciting and with all the provinces displaying promising teams and players for the years to come. As for BC, we have brought home gold medals among the girls and the silver ones from the boys division.

After a tough game against Ontario West yesterday, in the semi-final, the girls of the BC Rams faced Ontario Central for the gold medal. The Rams managed to score after just eight minutes played, but the encounter stayed pretty even after that. Only in the final 10 minutes of the match the BC girls were able to increase their advantage and scored three times in a roll, ending with a 4-0 win, as gold medallists.

The BC Lions also played today. They faced Ontario West for the bronze medal in another very tight game. Unfortunately, the BC girls were not able to win this one, as Ontario scored with 11 minutes to go and the Lions couldn’t find the net after. Still, the girls were all proud with the 4th place in the U15 Nationals. The Stags had wrapped up their participation Saturday, guaranteeing the 5th place overall with a 7-0 win over Alberta.

We would also like to congratulate our boys who are returning as silver medallists. They faced Quebec in an amazing final, and these teams had already played in the round robin, with BC winning by 2-0. Today, however, the story was different, with Quebec coming out victorious with a 2-1. It was a great tournament for the BC boys; in the end, they have beat every adversary in the National at least once, which shows how balanced everything was.

And that is it for our 2018-19 season. Membership registration for the 2019-20 period is now open. For more information, access http://tiny.cc/6zqeaz.

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