2017 Regional Train 2 Compete Boys & Girls Championship Results

The 2017 Regional Train 2 Compete Championships were held from April 21st-23rd at UBC’s Wright Field. It was a great weekend full of some exciting field hockey! Thank you to all the athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.

Boys Championship Results:

  1. Ravens (Mainland)
  2. Condors (Mainland)
  3. Owls (Mainland/Island)

Girls Championship Results:

  1. Killer Whales (SE)
  2. Jellyfish (NW)
  3. Sharks (ISL)
  4. Stingrays (ISL)
  5. Lionfish (SE/NW)
  6. Barracudas (ISL)
  7. Alligators (Academy)
  8. Piranhas (INT)

For game scores, statistics and more, visit fieldhockeybc.altiusrt.com.

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