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Want to find out more about how your school might be able to have Field Hockey BC lead a six week program for your students? 

What is the Schools Program?

• This structured 6 week program will introduce children to basic field hockey skills and will promote the importance and excitement of playing as part of a team. The program is targeted at children in Grades 4, 5 & 6.
• The Program extols the virtues of health and exercise in a fun, safe and controlled environment. It also introduces children to a new and growing sport in BC.
• The culmination of the Program is a half-day Field Hockey Festival in week six that can take place at the school or at a local facility (as appropriate). This event will feature all the students involved in the program playing small games against each other.

What is Provided?

• Expertise (certified coaches many of whom are current National players).
• Equipment: balls and sticks
• Each school will also receive a Coaching manual outlining structured lesson plans for an 8-week program that they can keep for further reference.

What does the school need to provide?

• Schools need to provide the students, a venue (school gym or field subject to weather) and a slot on your weekly timetable.
• Mouth guards – each student is required to have a mouth guard – FHBC provides mouth guards for the price of $4 per mouth guard.
• Transportation to the Field Hockey Festival (as appropriate).

In addition, every participant in the Schools Program will receive:

• A certificate upon completion of the program to be presented at an assembly

When does the Program take place:

Traditionally the program is incorporated into school timetables for a six week period between October to June.

For further details contact on our schools programs, please contact Susan Ahrens.

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