U15 Girls Lions – Team BC

Grace Clokie

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 14
School: West Vancouver Secondary School
Position: Centre Mid/Forward
Current Club: WVFHC Dragonflies
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 5; I wanted to play hockey but not on ice
Long Term Sports Goals: Make the Women’s Junior National team
Biggest Sports Highlights: Making Team BC
Other Sports: Skiing, tennis, basketball
Accomplished Family Members: Brother, Chris Clokie – Valley Maple Leafs Junior B Hockey, Winners 2016 Atlantic Canada Junior B Hockey Championship, Championship MVP
Awards: 2017 Player of the Game: AAA Sr. Girls Field Hockey Provincials

Jaden Dawson

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Handsworth Secondary School
Position: Midfield/Forward
Current Club: West Van Field Hockey Club
Provincial Teams: Team BC U16 Alpine Ski Racing 2018
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; Dad signed me up and coached my WVFHC Spring League
Biggest Sports Highlight: 2nd Overall U16 BC – Alpine Ski Racing 2018
Other Sports: Alpine Ski Racing, Track and Field, Mountain Biking
Accomplished Family Members: Sister Erin is on U18 Team BC Rams

Ciana Dawydiuk-Clozza

Hometown: Tsawwassen
Age: 14
School: South Delta Secondary School
Position: Midfield/Forward
Current Club: Delta Falcons
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 5; I was looking for a sport to play in the spring
Biggest Inspiration: Jordyn Huitema because she is only 17 years old and playing on a National Team
Who do you admire most in sport? Lionel Messi because he is very creative on the ball
Long Term Sports Goals: To play for a National Team
Biggest Sports Highlight: Completed two vocational ballet exams
Accomplished Family Members: Dad – BC Powerlifting Championships, first place 3 times; Mom – District Scholarship for Business
– 2013-2017: Honour roll with Distinction
– 2014-2017: Overall Athletic Award
– 2018: Outstanding Academic Achievement Award

Avani Gill

Hometown: Surrey
Age: 15
School: Fraser Heights
Career Aspirations: Lawyer
Position: Forward/Midfield/Center Back
Current Club: India Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 10; A few of my friends from soccer were playing and I decided to give it a try
Biggest Inspiration: My mom because she is very driven, focused, and supportive
Who do you admire most in sport: Alexander Ovechkin because he pushes to be the best and he doesn’t give up ands fights till the very end
Long Term Sports Goals: To play field hockey on a university team
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making this BC team
Accomplished Family Members: Uncle who played on Team Canada as a goalie for field hockey; Aunt who got full ride scholarship for basketball to the states; Cousin who got full ride scholarship to SFU for golf
– 2018 Principal’s List (4.0 GPA)
– 2018 Golden Athlete Award 

Jamie Grey

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 15
School: West Vancouver Secondary School
Position: Goalkeeper
Current Club: West Vancouver Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 5; My parents wanted me to play a sport and put me in field hockey
Long Term Sports Goals: American school college scholarship; Summer Olympics team Canada
Biggest Sports Highlight: West Van adanacs undefeated 2017 shooting stars Tournament
Accomplished Family Members: Robert Grey (father)- American football college scholarship; Jerry Grey (great aunt)- Famous Canadian artist

Asia Hanson

Hometown: Kelowna
Age: 14
School: Dr Knox Middle School
Position: Midfield/Defense
Current Club: Kelowna Dragons
Began Playing Field Hockey: Grade 7; My sister played it in grade seven, so I decided to try it out
Biggest Inspiration: My sister Taya has most inspired me because of how much joy she shows when she plays sport
Long Term Sports Goals: So far my goal is to make the High school field hockey team
Biggest Sports Highlight: Going to Jerusalem for basketball in the International Children’s Games
Accomplished Family Members: Sister, Taya Hanson – Plays basketball on the Canadian National Team, has a scholarship to Arizona State University; Parents – Both played basketball at high levels (provincial and university)
– 3rd place in Rotary public speaking contest
– Most sportsmanship award at Dr. Knox
– Most inspirational for the Dr. Knox basketball team
– Most inspirational for the Dr. Knox volleyball team
– Academic excellence in Science
– Academic excellence in Physical Education
– School contribution excellence in the area of Citizenship

Olivia Huebner

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Collingwood Secondary School
Current Club Team: WVFHC
Long Term Sports Goals: To play at the highest level to the best of my ability
Other Sports: Skiing, tennis, soccer

Sara Laker

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Sentinel Secondary School
Position: Midfield
Current Club: West Vancouver Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; I signed up while at Ecole Cedardale after a field hockey presentation – afterwards I told my parents I wanted to play field hockey
Biggest Inspiration: My sister – she is very well rounded in all aspects
and excels in arts, sports and school
Who do you admire most in sport: Coaches – Their effort, their insight, their advice and their enthusiasm for the sport is very much appreciated and inspirational
Long Term Sports Goals: Making Team Canada, Going to a College/University on sports scholarship, improving my skills
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making Team BC
Accomplished Family Members: Sister – Grade 10 RCM Piano (The Royal Conservatory of Music), Lucy and Troy Bolton Duet Award and Lucille Little Memorial Award; Designed SD45 French Immersion T-Shirt and Electronic Arts Teen Animation Scholarship; Carol Lenz Gymnastic Choreography Award

Julia MacLachlan

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Handsworth Secondary School
Career Aspirations: Doctor, lawyer, educator
Position: Forward/Midfield
Current Club: WVFHC
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 5; It’s a family sport that I have been inspired to play because it has been played in my family for a number of generations
Biggest Inspiration: My sister, Laura, because she has a lot of drive, determination and ambition and she encourages me and others
Who do you admire most in sport? Terry Fox because he was a humanitarian and a cancer research activist
Long Term Sports Goals: Scholarship, coach
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making Team BC Lions this year. Attending field hockey tournaments in California and Virginia
Accomplished Family Members: My sister, Laura, is a senior playing for the Northeastern Field Hockey Huskies and received recognition in 2017 as a Second Team All Region Player, All CAA Second Team and one of the eleven CAA All-Tournament Team. She was also on the Junior Canadian Field Hockey Team that went to Spooky Nook to play USA and went to play Chile. My cousin, Jessica, played NCAA field hockey with University of Iowa and received recognitions while on that team and currently is the assistant coach for Yale University Field Hockey Team. My uncle, Ross, was on the Olympic rowing team

Camryn McCarthy

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Seycove Secondary School
Position: Defense
Current Club: WVFHC, Rob Short
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6
Long Term Sports Goals: Play for a university
Biggest Sports Highlight:Being the captain of my ice hockey team for 2
seasons in a row
Other Sports: Basketball, snowboarding

Navjot Mangat

Hometown: Surrey
Age: 14
Current Club: Elite Field Hockey Club

Mika Melles

Hometown: Burnaby
Age: 14
School: Burnaby South Secondary School
Current Club: Burnaby Bears
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 10; My friend introduced it to me
Who do you admire most in sport? Aya Miyama (Japanese Soccer player) because she has an amazing ability to read the field and anticipate the opponents passes
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making a provincial team
Other Sports: Ski, Swimming
– 2015-16 Outstanding Female Athlete (school)
– 2016-17 Outstanding Student Award (school)
– 2016-2017 & 2017-18 Principal’s List (school)

Lyla Mollard

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Carson Graham Secondary School
Career Aspirations: Child psychiatrist
Position: Defence
Current Club: WVFHC Hornets
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; I tried a lot of sports and this is the one that I loved the most
Biggest Inspiration:My Mom inspires me because she is an amazing and strong person
Long Term Sports Goals: I would like to get a university scholarship
Biggest Sports Highlight:Our Carson Graham AAA Sr. Girls Rugby team just won the silver medal at Provincials
Favourite Athlete: Karli Johansen on the Women’s National Team because she is very strong and captivating to watch and I can learn a lot from her because I play the same position
Accomplished Family Members: My Dad played Lacrosse at Nationals for Manitoba. He also played Junior A Hockey. My Mom went to Nationals three times for Trampoline and the World Age Group Championships where she won a bronze medal
Awards: 2018 Women’s League MVP with WV3 in Div. 1

Lauren Tse

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 14
School: York House School
Position: Defence
Current Club: Vancouver Hawks, Yorkhouse Varsity
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 8; Many of my friends joined a year earlier, and loved it, and convinced me to join the next season
Biggest Inspiration: My field hockey coaches have inspired me because they have achieved success in the sport, motivate me to work hard, and push me to my greatest abilities
Who do you admire most in sport? Mark McMorris. He is a Canadian Olympic snowboarder who overcame a life threatening injury and returned to the Olympics not long after. He proves that if you really want something, you can’t let anything get in the way
Long Term Sports Goals: Playing field hockey in university, Ski Instructor
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making Team BC; Making my school’s varsity team in Gr 9
– 2015, 2016 & 2017: 2nd place India Club Tournament
– 2017 3rd Place AA Provincial Championships
– 2017: Physical Education Outstanding Achievement Award
– 2017: 1st Place Coquitlam District Music Festival- Speech Arts
– 2018: Pascal Math Contest Distinction Award, University Of Waterloo

Jacqueline Webb

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Collingwood Secondary School
Position: Forward/Midfield
Current Club: WVFHC
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 7; It is a popular sport in West Van so my mom signed me up in Grade 1
Biggest Inspiration: My grandpa Chuck Walker who was born and raised on a poor dairy farm in central Manitoba is my biggest inspiration.  This is because what his friends and family thought, he created a new life for himself in Vancouver and started a very successful business called “The Walker Group of Companies”
Who do you admire most in sport: My grade 6 teacher Hudson Clark is my biggest athlete inspiration because through everything he taught me that grit and determination are key factors towards achieving goals.  From this I always stayed dedicated to field hockey and it helped me develop not only my skill but all aspects of myself as a player
Long Term Sports Goals: Incorporating all my potential into increasing and developing my field hockey skills
Biggest Sports Highlight: Placing first in the N.S.S.S.A skiing championships in Grade 8 and getting selected for the BC Lions field hockey team were two of my most remarkable achievements
Accomplished Family Members: My uncle John Webb, created the first transcatheter heart valve implantation.  Now he travels the world giving speeches and offering short term courses to young doctors

Julianna Yue

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School
Career Aspirations: Kinesiology/Health Sciences
Position: Midfield
Current Club: Vancouver Hawks, Rob Short Coaching Academy
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 8; An ice hockey teammate encouraged me to give it a try during one of our games
Biggest Inspiration:My parents have been one of my biggest inspirations in life. Both my mother and father have an amazing work ethic, they make sacrifices for me and take time out of their day to support me and make it possible for me to do what I want. They are constantly inspiring me and supporting my dreams on a daily basis.
Who do you admire most in sport? I greatly admire Michael Jordan because of his motivation and perseverance. Michael was cut from his high school varsity basketball team when he was just 15 years old. At first he was upset, he then turned the failure around and made it one of his biggest motivators. He not only made his high school team in the following years, but went on to become one of the biggest names in sport.
Long Term Sports Goals: I want to continue playing field hockey through and after my academic years while working on improving my skills so that I am a valuable asset to any team I play for.
Biggest Sports Highlight: 2018 Making the FHBC Provincial Team; 2018 VSSAA Junior Basketball Star All Star
– 2016/17 John Oliver Bantam Sportsmanship Award
– 2016/17 John Oliver Top Physical Education 8 Award
– 2016/17/18 Honour Roll & Principals’ List
– 2018 VSSAA Junior Girls Basketball Championships ALL-STAR


Molly Cooper-Gray

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Kitsilano Secondary School
Position: Midfield
Current Club: Vancouver Hawks
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 8; My mum signed me up for junior league
Biggest Inspiration:My Mum because she suffered a massive knee injury the year she was in the Olympics, and even though it meant she didn’t get to play, she still supported her team and continues to play to this day
Long-Term Sports Goals: Canadian Women’s National team
Biggest Sports Highlight: When I played with a very skilled older team and I scored a tipping goal into the top left-hand corner
Accomplished Family Members:My Mother (Penny Cooper) was an athlete on the Canadian Olympic Field Hockey team in 1988

Zoe Furber

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 14
School: York House School
Position: Midfield
Current Club: Polar Bears
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 8; My mom used to play
Who do you admire most in sport: My younger brother because he is an ice hockey goalie in rep hockey – a hard position to play!
Long Term Sports Goals: Make the full U15 provincial team next year
Biggest Sports Highlight: Playing High Performance League soccer at 12
– 2015-2017: Athlete of the year (OLPH)
– 2017: India Cup champions (u13)
– 2018-Grade 8 basketball provincial champions

Isabella McAdam

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 15
Current Club: Vancouver Hawks Field Hockey Club

Ann McQuarrie

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Windsor Secondary School
Career Aspirations: Medicine
Current Club: WVFHC
Began Playing Field Hockey: Grade 3; Joined with school friends
Long Term Sports Goals: To have fun and stay fit




Chris Bell

Alicia Perreira