U15 Girls White Lions – Team BC

Brianna Azevedo

Hometown: Richmond
Age: 14
School: McRoberts Secondary School
Position: Defence
Current Club: Richmond Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 7; Wanted to play with friends
Biggest Inspiration: My Parents because they always encourage me to be myself and to do my best in whatever I do
Who do you admire most in sport? Christine Sinclair because she inspires young girls/women to be involved in sport and to play at their highest level to achieve their goals
Long Term Sports Goals: Continue to play Field Hockey and play for a University Team, and play Soccer for many more years
Biggest Sports Highlights: Making Team BC for Field Hockey/ Winning the Silver Medal for U15 Club Championship in 2016/ Receiving MVP for Richmond Field Hockey 2016

Emily Bracken

Hometown: Bristol, England (resides in North Vancouver)
Age: 13
School: Saint Thomas Aquinas
Position: Defense/Midfield
Current Club: West Van Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 7; My mom introduced me
Long Term Sports Goal: Playing for Team Canada
Other Sports: Gymnastics & Soccer
Accomplished Family Members: My mom played Field Hockey at University

Kaia Cooper

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 13
School: Handsworth Secondary School
Position: Mid/Forward
Current Club: WVFHC Boomerangs
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; My parents signed me up at WVFHC
Biggest Inspiration: My dad because he was part of the executive team that brought the 2010 Olympics to Vancouver
Who do you admire most in sport? Christine Sinclair
Long Term Sports Goals: Make a National Team
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making the U15 BC Provincial Team for Field hockey

Laine Delmotte

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 14
Current Club: West Van Field Hockey Club





Gurnaz Grewal

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Seaquam Secondary School
Biggest Inspiration: My role models are my parents. They are my guide and give me the courage to battle obstacles in life. My father works at lot but still does not forget to help me achieve my goals. My mother always smiles, no matter what the circumstances are and that gives me the strength and inspiration to face all problems. They always encourage me in every aspect and motivate me even when I do not succeed
Who do you admire most in sport? Allan Iverson because every time he played he gave everything he had. Whenever he stepped on the court, he would make the most ridiculous plays and was always throwing his body around.
Long Term Sports Goals: To be a part of the Canadian Women’s National Team and maybe when I am older start y own field hockey club
Biggest Sports Highlight: Winning many tournaments with my field hockey club team

Niamh Henry

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 15
Position: All field positions & goalie
Current Club: WVFHC Shooting Stars
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 7; My mom used to play
Biggest Inspiration: My brother Conor because of his love for the sport and how much he trains
Who do you admire most in sport? My coaches who are currently on the National team
Long Term Sports Goals: Play for Canada
Biggest Sports Highlight: Was goalie on our school’s Senior Field Hockey team and received an MVP Award at Bridgeman Cup
Accomplished Family Members: My brother, Conor, went to Nationals in 2015 & is a member of the U18 Boys BC Rams team

Allison Hills

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Argyle Secondary School
Position: Midfield
Current Club Team: Strikers
Began Playing Field Hockey: In Grade 1; I started playing Spring League field hockey and was on a great team, and over the years I have fallen in love with the sport.
Biggest Inspiration: My coaches and teammates because they have pushed me and driven me to be the best I can be
Who do you admire most in sport? I admire my cousin because she played basketball for a University team, and was a good role model, and now she has turned her sport into a career as a sports broadcaster
Long Term Sports Goals: I would like to play field hockey for a University team
Accomplished Family Members: Mother was a competitive gymnast, ranked 4th in the Province
– 2013 Kajack Track Meet: Gold in 600m and 1000m
– 2014 North Shore Track Championships: 1st in 800m and 400m
– 2014 North Shore Triathlon: 3rd Place
– 2015 North Shore Championships: 1st in 1500m and 400m
– 2016 Athlete of the Year
– 2017 FHBC/NVSD Academy Most Promising Player

Taylor Katsube

Hometown: Delta
Age: 12
School: Holly Elementary School
Position: Defence and Forward
Current Club: Delta Falcons
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 8; My friend suggested trying field hockey
Biggest Inspiration: Martin Luther King because he tells you in his speeches that anyone can make a difference by even the simplest thing
Long Term Sports Goals: To get into college on a scholarship
Favourite Quote: “Pride is holding your head up when everyone around you has theirs bowed. Courage is what makes you do it.” – Bryce Courtenay
Accomplished Family Members: My mom was on the Canadian National Ball Hockey team in 2007

Ava MacFarlane

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 14
School: Little Flower Academy
Position: Forward/Midfield
Current Club: Vancouver Hawks
Began Playing Field Hockey: Grade 6; My friend played field hockey and lvoed the game. She suggested I join a team.
Biggest Inspiration: My father. I have always watched him work hard at everything he does. He always motivates me to be the best athlete and person I can be. My dad is a very dedicated person and I aspire to be like him.
Who do you admire most in sport? Michael Jackson because he was cut by his varsity basketball team in high school because of his height. Throughout the season he played junior varsity and trained all summer. MJ grew 4 inches and is now the best basketball player of all time.
Long Term Sports Goals: To develop my skill and become the best player I can be skill-wise and mentally
Biggest Sports Highlight: Winning the Lower Mainland Championship for Field Hockey, making it to Provincials for Basketball, and making a Field Hockey Provincial team
Accomplished Family Members: Andrew, High Jump, Provincial Teams throughout high school, University Scholarship at UBC, 3rd in the country
– 2015-16 Grade 8 Student of the Year

Brooke McCusker

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 13
School: Windsor Secondary School
Position: Forward
Current Club: WVFHC Orcas
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; My mom signed me up
Biggest Inspiration: My Uncle and Grandfather who have excelled in sports (ice hockey)
Who do you admire most in sport? Rob Short because he has made me a better player with his coaching
Long Term Sports Goals: Division 1 NCAA Field Hockey Scholarship
Biggest Sports Highlight: When I made my current BC Team
Accomplished Family Members: Grandfather (Bob McCusker), NCAA All-American, Vancouver Canucks, Ice Hockey

Hannah McDonald

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Sentinel Secondary School
Position: Forward
Current Club: Sea to Sky Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 8; Joined WVFHC Spring League
Biggest Inspiration: My mom because she is planning on running a 50km trail race on her 50th Birthday
Who do you admire most in sport? Georgie Simmerling because she went to the Olympics for 3 different sports: Ski Racing, Ski Cross & Track Cycling, representing Canada and won 2 medals. She also gives a lot back to the community through Sports Programs.
Long Term Sports Goals: Playing Field Hockey for Canada
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making Team BC & being a Series Champion, 5 Peaks Trail Racing 2016
Accomplished Family Members: Dad – Ski Race coach, instructor & official, former competitive U21 Curler, Field Hockey team Captain at Ernst & Young London and high school team. Mum – Trail runner, outdoor fitness enthusiast and Ski Race official. Union Bank Switzerland Field Hockey team Captain. Aunt – represented Great Britain in National University Field Hockey squad.
– 2016 Honour Roll (Sports & Academics)

Caitlin Miller

Hometown: New Westminister
Age: 15
School: Port Moody Secondary School
Position: Centre Midfield/Defence
Current Club: Tri-City Field Hockey Club
Provincial Team: 2016 U15 BC Yellow Team
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; Through my friends
Who do you admire most in sport? Hayley Wickenheiser because she has achieved many of her goals and continues to put in hard work and effort to keep her spot on Team Canada as well as gives back to the community by promoting sports and teaching other to play and love her sport
Biggest Inspiration: My parents because they have taught me that as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can achieve anything
Long Term Sports Goals: Team Canada or play for my University team
Biggest Sports Highlight: Becoming Provincial Champions for Ice Hockey

Kyra Molen

Hometown: Lake Country
Age: 14
Position: Defence
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 12; A friend recommended that I should join with her
Biggest Inspiration: My parents because of their continuous support and love no matter what happens on the field
Who do you admire most in sport? I used to be a figure skater so Tessa Virtue, a Canadian figure skater, is someone I’ve always looked up to due to her constant perseverance and talent
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making the Field Hockey BC team is a huge achievement for me

Emily Parkyn

Hometown: Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Sentinel Secondary School
Position: Goalkeeper
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 9
Who do you admire most in sport? David Carter
Long Term Sports Goals: National team player
Provincial Teams: BC High School Alpine Race
Fun Facts: Born in England

Kaiden Stanley

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 14
School: West Vancouver Secondary School
Position: Forward/Midfield
Current Club: Vipers Div 3, RSCA Training & Touring teams
Began Playing Field Hockey: Grade 2; Joined Spring League
Biggest Inspiration: My mom, Kyra Stanley, because she is hardworking, incredibly intelligent and supports me no matter what
Who do you admire most in sport? My dad, Graham Stanley, was a very dedicated athlete that was very focused on his sport. He was tenacious, aggressive, and always up for a challenge.
Long Term Sports Goals: Play Field Hockey at a Canadian University of NCAA Division 1 University
Biggest Sports Highlight: Making top U16 RSCA team
Accomplished Family Members: Dad, Graham Stanley, played NHL Hockey on the LA Kings and New York Islanders; Mom, Kyra Stanley, was an internationally ranked tampolinist
– 2016 & 2017, Honours with Distinction at WVSS
– 2017, RSCA won Gold at CalCup
– 2017, Women’s League Vipers 2 (Div 3) won League Championship

Tara Treagus

Hometown: West Vancouver
Age: 15
School: Rockridge Secondary School
Position: Midfield/Forward
Current Club: Sea to Sky Field Hockey Club
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; My sister inspired me to start, and coached my first team
Biggest Inspiration: My older sister, as it was because of her I started field hockey, and dreamed of pursuing it to a higher level
Who do you admire most in sport? My dad because of his persistence to continue achieving his goals at as high a level as possible, and his encouragement for me to do the same
Quote: “The road to success runs uphill”



Anna DeMug

Hometown: Kelowna
Age: 14
School: KLO Middle School
Position: Defender/Midfielder
Current Club: KLO Field Hockey
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 10; My Dad coached and my older Sisters played field hockey
Biggest Inspiration: My father who pushed me to do my best
Accomplished Family Members: Dad played University of Calgary Football; Oldest sister plays University of Victoria Basketball

Ahria Dhillon

Hometown: Surrey
Age: 13
Current Club: Elite Field Hockey Club





Rebecca Lyon

Hometown: Port Moody
Age: 15
School: Port Moody Secondary School
Position: Defender
Current Club: Tri-City Eagles
Began Playing Field Hockey: Age 6; My mother taught a student who played and mentioned it to her so she signed me up
Biggest Inspiration: Serena Williams. I admire her because she was always second to her sister but she never gave up and now is one of the best players in the world.
Long Term Sports Goals: To become a full member of the Provincial Team
Biggest Sports Highlight: Being named a Reserve for the Provincial Team
Accomplished Family Members: Brother is a Taekwondo Second Degree Black Belt
Awards: 2017, 14th at Nationals for Debate

Caitlin Vopni

Hometown: North Vancouver
Age: 14
Current Club: West Vancouver Field Hockey Club






Chris Bell

Steph Norlander