Boys Train to Compete: Provincial Team

Welcome to the Train to Compete Team BC page (Spring/Summer)

Athletes: born 1999, 2000, 2001

Selections: taken from the Regional Program

Training: 30 hours from May – July (may include participation at India Club Tournament in June)

Training locations: Vancouver (Hamber/UBC), West Vancouver (Rutledge), Surrey (Tamawanis)

Coaches: FHBC and FHC Men’s National Program

Key dates:
April 21-23 Regional Tournament: selection point
May-July: 30 hours training, sport science, strength & conditioning, functional movement skills
June: possible participation at India Club Tournament
July: U18 National Championship, Ontario

Levy: $tbc 

Fitness Program

A weekly fitness program is available under the Fitness Program link under the Men’s Provincial Teams box. Athletes need to follow this.

Athletes are expected to achieve or surpass the standard Yo Yo test scores at trials. Please see the Fitness Test Policy.