Policies & Procedures

Field Hockey BC Athlete Program Policies and Procedures


ELIGIBILITY BY BIRTH YEAR: Your birth year will determine which program you can register for!

2018 REGIONAL TRIAL DATES & LOCATIONS – see Trials & Tournaments

HOW TO REGISTER FOR REGIONAL TRIALS: How to register for trials (including updating your membership)

REGISTRATION & TRIAL POLICY: Requirements for registering for and attending trials


FITNESS TEST POLICY: Yo-Yo Fitness Test standards and FAQs

FITNESS TEST PROTOCOL: the how?, why?, and what? of fitness testing and tips on how to prepare for your Yo-Yo test

SELECTION PROCESS: Time frames and criteria for selections to programs & tournaments


TRAINING EXPECTATIONS: when to arrive and what to take to the field,

ATTENDANCE POLICY: expectations and what to do if you are going to miss trials/training/tournament

INJURY POLICY: implications of missing trials/training/tournament due to injury


To be completed when an athlete opts-out of an FHBC Program