Girls Train 2 Compete (U18) Programs


SE T2C Regional Female Athletes 2018-19

NW T2C Regional Female Athletes 2018-19

ISL T2C Regional Female Athletes 2018-19

INT Regional Female Athletes 2018-19

Trial registration & dates: See Trials & Tournaments

Training Schedules

FHBC Regions:

  • Interior (Okanagan & Kootenays)
  • Island (Victoria and Mid-Island)
  • Northwest (Vancouver and North Shore)
  • Southeast (Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Delta, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody, Richmond, Surrey, etc.)

Regional Program Levy
$600-700 for 40-hour program: field time, coach & manager honouraria, regional tournament, equipment & medical supplies, Kukri clothing, and education.
Levy does not include food or accommodation.
$400-500 for 20-hour program

Program Focus:

  • Target 40 hours from November to April
  • Team Preparation and tactical strategies
  • Fitness training, functional movement education, sport science, women in sport
  • Game play
  • Competition: Regional Tournament (spring)
  • Preparation for Provincial Selection

Program Highlights
This program is for athletes focused on continuous, committed, high performance technical skill development and participation in the spring Tournament.

  • 30-40 hours training on Fridays and/or Sunday nights for a 1.5-2 hour session
  • Fitness education, testing (Yo-Yo test) and Injury Prevention Programs
  • Technical skills instruction
  • 3-day Regional Tournament (subject to athletes meeting program requirements of attendance, fitness and ability).
    The T2C Tournament runs from Friday morning to Sunday evening which may require leave from school.
  • Provincial athlete identification to represent BC at the U18 National Championship Tournament (July)
  • Selections are announced by the Wednesday following the selection point.  Provincial training (30 hours) typically runs from May to July. National Championships are typically held in late-July.
    Please see
    Trials & Tournaments


Girl’s Train 2 Compete U18 Team BC (Spring/Summer)


SELECTIONS – Female Train 2 Compete Team BC 2018
Reserve players participate in training only, unless called up to replace an injured BC athlete.

Program Highlights:

  • 30 hours training May-July (see Training Schedules)
  • India Club Tournament (excluding Island team)
  • U18 National Championship Tournament
  • Kukri Provincial gear

Key Dates in 2018

  • April 18 selections announced
  • April 27 deposit due
  • May 13 at Richmond Oval Fitness Testing & Education
  • June 22-25 India Club Tournament, Surrey
  • July 17-20 U18 National Championship Tournament, Toronto, Ont.


$1000 deposit due April 27
$610 for reserve players
$3500 approximate levy per athlete

Please see Athlete Program Documents – 2018 National Championship Information

Questions? Please contact the Athlete Program Manager