Voluntary Opportunities

Team Managers

FHBC is looking for volunteers to be Team Managers for Provincial Teams. Positions are available for teams competing in BC as well as teams traveling further afield. For more information please contact info@fieldhockeybc.com.

Technical Officials

Ever fancied first class seats to every game? FHBC is looking for parents who may be interested in training to become technical judges and assist the technical officials and tournament director at FHBC events. For more information please contact info@fieldhockeybc.com

Event Assistance

FHBC is looking for volunteers for every tournament to assist with the setting up and taking down of the portable infrastructure (tents, tables etc.) for each event. We are looking for the unsung heroes who will join us at the crack of dawn and at the end of a long day, rain or shine. If you are able to help and are close to one of the tournament venues, we would like to hear from you. For more information please contact info@fieldhockeybc.com

For more information on any of the areas mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact any of the FHBC office staff who will be pleased to help.

No amateur sport is able to operate effectively without the time and commitment of a voluntary body; and field hockey in BC is no exception. There are a huge range of voluntary opportunities within Field Hockey; some of which are identified below:


  • Team Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Technical Official
  • Event Manager
  • Event Assistance
  • Hosting (Billeting)
  • Administration
  • Fund-Raising


  • Board Representative
  • Board Sub-Committee Representative
    • Coaching Committee
    • Athlete Program Committee
    • Umpiring Committee
    • Domestic Committee (Tournaments/Awards)
    • Business Development Committee
    • Marketing and Sponsorship Committee