National Events

2019 FHC National Championships

Information for participating BC athletes will be provided here when available.

Provincial Program/Team BC FAQs for Parents (March 2019)

Accommodation: FHBC organizes team accommodation for U15/U18 teams for the duration of the National Championship. Teams are chaperoned by coaches and managers. Accommodation cost is included in the levy. U23s are responsible for organizing their own accommodation.

Travel: the cost of travel is included in the U15/U18 athlete levy. U23s are responsible for organizing their own travel. It is mandatory for teams to fly (outbound) together. Athletes may change their return itinerary after itineraries are confirmed.

BC Teams by region: Rams (BC-Mainland), Stags (BC-Island), Lions (BC)

Past National Championship tournament locations

        • 2018: Toronto, ON
        • 2017: Surrey, BC
        • 2016: Calgary, AB (U15) and Brampton, ON (U18)
        • 2015: Brampton, ON (U15) and Surrey, BC (U18)