FHBC is looking for certified coaches for our male and female High-Performance Regional Programs

Field Hockey BC is now seeking expressions of interest for Certified Coaches to be involved in all Coaching areas within its upcoming High-Performance Regional Programs.

Seeking Head and Assistant Coaches for the following High-Performance Programs:

  • U15 Female          (30 Hours of training)
  • U15 Male             (30 Hours of training)
  • U18 Female          (40 Hours of training)
  • U18 Male             (40 Hours of training)


  • Southeast (Tamanawis Park)
  • Northwest (Rutledge Field)
  • Mainland (Eric Hamber)

 Program Focus

  • Technical skills instruction
  • Each program is for athletes interested in continuous, committed, high performance technical skill development from Sept – April
  • 30-40 hours training on Fridays and/or Sunday nights for 1 ½ – 2 hour training sessions
  • Fitness education, testing (Yo-Yo test) and Injury Prevention Programs
  • U15 Regional Festival – Selection point for U15 Provincial Teams
  • U18 Regional Tournament – Selection point for U18 Provincial Teams


  • For any FHBC coaching opportunity, honoraria is based on the level of NCCP Certification and the number of practice hours and tournament games in the program. Check the FHBC Coaching rates for details.

Please submit the following information if you wish to be involved:

  • Head or assistant coaching position
  • NCCP Certification Level
  • Current and past coaching history
  • Programs and Regions, you wish to be involved (refer above)

Please submit your “Expression of Interest” to the following:

John Sacré
Head Provincial Coach and Performance Manager
Field Hockey BC
Cell 604 737 3145
Email jsacre@fieldhockeybc.com

Jokers Field Hockey Club is looking for players

Located in Vancouver, Jokers Field Hockey Club is registering for experienced male and female adult players for this 2019-20 season. Goalies in particular are in high demand.

Come and join Vancouver’s fun and social club.

Great people, great community and with a clubhouse located in Stanley park, we have the best deck in Vancouver for off-turf socialising. See jokersfieldhockey.com for more info

Fury Field Hockey Club is looking for players!

Located in Burnaby, Fury Field Hockey club is looking for female players to join their team.

Fury is an independent team that plays Division 1 in the Vancouver Women’s Field Hockey Association league.

They are looking for players who are fun, spirited and love playing field hockey to join for next season. Also, they guarantee loads of playing time!

If interested please contact fionaknight@shaw.ca.

BC players in the 2019 Nationals “Tournament 11”

The Field Hockey Canada Nationals 2019 came to an end last week. Team BC brought home a lot of medals and was greatly represented by our amazing players. With that, some of our boys and girls, men and women, had such tremendous performances that they were selected among the best players of their age group during Nationals. Here is the list of every BC player that was named to the 2019 Nationals “Tournament 11”:

U15 Nationals 2019, Tournament Recap

The U15 Nationals came to an end this Sunday, July 28, in Calgary. The tournament was a success, extremely exciting and with all the provinces displaying promising teams and players for the years to come. As for BC, we have brought home gold medals among the girls and the silver ones from the boys division.

After a tough game against Ontario West yesterday, in the semi-final, the girls of the BC Rams faced Ontario Central for the gold medal. The Rams managed to score after just eight minutes played, but the encounter stayed pretty even after that. Only in the final 10 minutes of the match the BC girls were able to increase their advantage and scored three times in a roll, ending with a 4-0 win, as gold medallists.

The BC Lions also played today. They faced Ontario West for the bronze medal in another very tight game. Unfortunately, the BC girls were not able to win this one, as Ontario scored with 11 minutes to go and the Lions couldn’t find the net after. Still, the girls were all proud with the 4th place in the U15 Nationals. The Stags had wrapped up their participation Saturday, guaranteeing the 5th place overall with a 7-0 win over Alberta.

We would also like to congratulate our boys who are returning as silver medallists. They faced Quebec in an amazing final, and these teams had already played in the round robin, with BC winning by 2-0. Today, however, the story was different, with Quebec coming out victorious with a 2-1. It was a great tournament for the BC boys; in the end, they have beat every adversary in the National at least once, which shows how balanced everything was.

And that is it for our 2018-19 season. Membership registration for the 2019-20 period is now open. For more information, access http://tiny.cc/6zqeaz.

U15 Nationals 2019, Day 5 Recap

Day 5 of the Field Hockey Canada U15 National Championships was full of emotions and excitement. BC will have teams playing the finals in both boys and girls divisions, but it wasn’t without tension.

The BC boys opened up the day with a great win over Alberta in the semifinals: 7-0. With that, they will play the great final versus Quebec filled with confidence. The match will be at noon, as Alberta and Ontario play for the bronze medal at 8:30 am.

Among the girls, the Stags secured 5th place in the National by beating Alberta, 7-0. The true drama was reserved for the two semifinals.

The BC Rams went to the pitch first to face Ontario West. The game was pretty even and no one wer able to alter the scoreboard until two minutes were left on the clock. After a short corner, the Rams managed to find their winning goal and secure a spot in the final.

On the other semi-final, the BC Lions had a great challenge against Ontario Central. After the first half, there was a crazy 3-hour delay because of the weather.

The girls came back and played the second half late in the afternoon and fought to the end. However, Ontario Central managed to score in the 3rd quarter and won by 1-0. It was a tough day, but the Lions were remarkably resilient and never gave up!

The U15 Nationals will wrap up this Sunday, with all gold medal and bronze medal games happening from 8:30 am onwards. The BC Lions girls will play Ontario West for the bronze at 10:15 am; the BC boys will face Quebec at noon; and the Rams girls will battle for the gold against Ontario Central.

To follow the live score of the Nationals and see the full standings, schedule and statistics, access fhc.altiusrt.com. For more detailed information on the event, visit the Field Hockey Canada National Championship Event Page.

U15 Nationals 2019, Day 4 Recap

The fourth day of the U15 Nationals was a decisive one for our boys and girls. The round robin came to an end and the semifinals will take place in Calgary with three BC teams representing.

On the boys’ National, only BC and Alberta stepped on the field this Friday, as the final game in the pool. The BC boys won by 2-0 and secured first place in the group. Now, they will face Alberta again Saturday morning, at 8:30 am, in the playoffs. Whoever wins, will face the winner between Quebec and Ontario in the final.

Stags and Rams started in the Day 4 Battle of BC. The Islanders needed a win to get a spot in the playoffs, but, after a very even game and a 1-1 tie until the 4th quarter, the Rams managed to score three times in the final period and win by 4-1.

The BC Rams will now play Ontario West in the semifinals. The Stags played again later in the day in the crossover against Ontario East and put on a show, winning by 8-0. Now, they will fight for the 5th place of the Nationals against Alberta, this Saturday.

And last but not least, the BC Lions won their game against PEI by 7-0 and ended as leaders of Pool B with 9 points in 9 possible. In the semifinals, they will clash with Ontario Central. Will we have another BC Battle in the grand final? Hopefully.

To follow the live score of the Nationals and see the full standings, schedule and statistics, access fhc.altiusrt.com. For more detailed information on the event, visit the Field Hockey Canada National Championship Event Page.

U15 Nationals 2019, Day 3 Recap

Day 3 of the U15 Nationals in Calgary, Alberta, was pretty good for Team BC. Every team from British Columbia have won their matches before the 4th and decisive day for the girls’ pools; the boys are very close to first place in theirs.

The event started out pretty good for BC as the U15 boys went into the pitch to face Quebec and got out with a 2-0 win. That is their second win in the tournament; they will face Alberta this Friday and, with a win, they will go to playoffs as leaders of the round robin.

Among the girls, the BC Stags opened up the day versus Alberta in the morning, winning by 4-0. In the afternoon, it was time for the Lions to face Ontario West and get the three points with 1-0 victory. Later on, the Rams beat Ontario Central 2-1.

With those results, the Rams lead the Pool A, with Stags in third behind Ontario Central; the Lions are tied in points with Ontario West on Pool B, but the BC girls still have another game against PEI to finish the group stage.

After all the games were over, all the teams in the U15 Nationals came together for an amazing banquet in the evening. Delicious!

To follow the live score of the Nationals and see the full standings, schedule and statistics, access fhc.altiusrt.com. For more detailed information on the event, visit the Field Hockey Canada National Championship Event Page.

U15 Nationals 2019, Day 1 & 2 Recap

The first couple days of the Field Hockey Canada U15 National Championships in Calgary, Alberta, saw some pretty great performances by BC’s boys and girls.

While none of the British Columbia Provincial teams played on July 23, the BC Rams girls opened up Day 2 with an amazing 8-0 win over Alberta on Pool A. Also part of this pool, the BC Stags had a tough match versus Ontario Central and ended up losing 2-1.

On Pool B, the BC Lions debuted against Ontario East, beating their rivals by 6-0. Ontario West leads the pool, with two wins in two matches.

Day 3 will have the Lions facing Ontario West in a decisive match to reach first place in their pool; the Rams duking it out versus Ontario Central, another serious contender; and the Stags will seek their first win when playing Alberta.

As for the BC boys, they beat Ontario 2-1 on their first game in the tournament and will meet Quebec this Thursday morning.

The opening ceremony of the U15 Nationals happened on Day 2. All the teams in the competition participated, with players entering the pitch carrying their flags and celebrating this moment along with the coaches, managers, officials and fans in the stands.

To follow the live score of the Nationals and see the full standings, schedule and statistics, access fhc.altiusrt.com. For more detailed information on the event, visit the Field Hockey Canada National Championship Event Page.

U15 Nationals start on July 23

The Field Hockey Canada U15 National Championships start this Tuesday, July 23, in Calgary, Alberta. Our boys and girls from Team BC have been training hard to represent our province against opponents from Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and Prince Edward Island. British Columbia will have three teams in the Girls’ National – BC Rams, BC Lions and BC Stags – and one team playing in the Boys’ pool.

Want to meet our teams?
U15 Boys: http://bit.ly/2XKIrGf
U15 Girls: http://bit.ly/2ScXMOA

If you want to follow the live score, see the full standings, schedule and statistics, access fhc.altiusrt.com. For more detailed information on the event, visit the Field Hockey Canada National Championships Event Page.